To Watermark or not to Watermark?

Do you put your name/logo on the photos you share on the web?

I’ve been debating if I should put my logo on my photos.  Not because I don’t want to share my photos… it’s the complete contrary.. I want to make sure if my photos get lost on the web… whoever finds them can find me : )

With the current Pinterest craze going on, what if someone re-pins but not with my site… and then someone comes across my projects and wants more info.. but can’t get them because they can’t find me?!

Now, if I do decide to put my logo on my photos… should I go WAY back and add my logo to all my previous photos… or just start putting my logo on them from now on?

What do you suggest??


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    I started watermarking, after a family member took some photos off facebook and was claiming them to be their own. I understand that she is family, but it bothered me, and upset me that it happened. I am all for watermarking, just lower the opacity a little, and make sure to put it in a place where it can’t be cropped out easily.

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      VERY good point!!

      This reminds me of a little story:

      My aunt who’s over 70 was showing me photos last year. Photos of her son’s cat. (Please note that her son is CRAZY) These photos were actually printed on photo paper…. Her son took the time to go on the web and find a bunch of cat photos and printed them and gave them to her saying that it’s his cat. She has no way of knowing that it’s not his cat because he lives far away and she never goes to his place.

      The thing is.. I know for a FACT that it’s not his cat. First of all, if you look closely at the photos you’ll notice it’s not the same cat on the photos PLUS at least 4 of the photos I’ve received via email. hehehe You now the cat dressed in a karate suit…. then the the cat with crazy morning hair,…

      Now, he didn’t print them and give them to her to play a joke. He’s nuts and she doesn’t know anything about the Internet. So I had to pretend that I found his cat pretty darn cute and that I had NEVER seen it before.

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    I went way back…but I did start blogging last August and had read a post about watermarking about a couple months afterwards…so it wasn’t so bad for me.

    Maysem @

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    Watermarks are very important.. You should watermark your images.. I am going to share an automatically watermarking tutorial tomorrow morning “Thursday” you should see that if you like and save time adding watermarks one by one. Watermark all the previous and new photos.. I know it’s a lot of work but slowly and gradually you’ll be done.. Best of luck!
    p.s: thanks for hosting, i’m following you for future updates about your new posts.. :)
    Have a nice day

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      Oh soooo COOL!!! Could you link it up on my linky party tomorrow when you have it read?

      I’m sooo going to be stocking your blog!!

      Will you be mentioning how to go back and watermark previous images? I’m worried that if I change the images that all previous links will disappear.