Crazy Chocolate Wasted Cake!!!

I came across Art of Dessert a month ago and stumbled upon her Chocolate Wasted Cake!  I immediately started drooling over her cake… head over there to see how pretty and yummy her cake looks.
I decided to make that cake for Sebastien’s birthday.
Looks pretty yummy no?
It was really fun to make… HOWEVER a little too chocolate crazy for us.  We love chocolate, but after eating this chocolaty cake… we realized we might not be that chocolate crazy!
You’ll notice from the photo that I did not cover the sides with chocolate, like the recipe suggested.  I just figured it would be too chocolaty for us.  I was correct.


Next time I make this cake, (YES I will be making it again.. the cake was super moist and yummy and the chocolate icing was HEAVENLY….)  I will double the batch of icing so that the cake has a thick layer of icing in the middle and lots on the sides.   The icing recipe makes just enough to put a thin liner in the middle and a thin layer on the cake.  I assume it’s because you’ll be covering the entire cake of chocolate anyways.. so it’s just a question of having enough icing for the chocolate to stick.
The cake looked like this before I added the chocolate on the top.

I wish I had a piece right now.. I would eat it right up!!
If you would like the recipe… head on over to Art of Dessert!
Will you be trying this recipe… have you tried it before??
Have a great day!
P.S. I’ll be linking to these Parties.

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25 thoughts on “Crazy Chocolate Wasted Cake!!!

  1. YUM! Good thing I am eating Peanut M&M’s right now or I would be rummaging thru my pantry for something chocolate!!!
    OH and I am coming over to say THANKS!!! For leaving me such a sweet lil note about my Bathroom/Bathtub Makeover! YOU are TOO kind!!! That seriously made my day!!!
    I will try and remember to come link up on Tues,, at least I think that is when the party is, right?
    Big Hugs!!

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