Copy-Kids Review & Giveaway

COPY-KIDS kindling sent me the DVD COPY-KIDS eat fruits & vegetables for me to review.
Please note that I did not receive any compensation for this review, besides getting the DVD for free to review.
First of all you might be wondering what is Copy-Kids?
Here’s an excerpt from their website:
A joy-filled video and an innovative tool for parents who want to get children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.

Copy-Kids is a media company producing video that encourages positive habits in young children, by watching and copying other kids. Copy-Kids unique content — DVD, online and TV — helps parents get their children hooked on healthy and positive habits.

Produced for children aged 6 months to 5 years, Copy-Kids innovative video is fun and compelling for both children and parents.

Copy-Kids launched in January 2012 with our first DVD — Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

The DVD features 12 x 7 minute chapters, one for each of twelve fruits & veggies:

bell pepper – carrots – raspberries – broccoli
bananas – strawberries – tomatoes – cucumber
oranges – avocado – apples – blueberries

Each chapter features several adorable and entertaining children aged 9 months to 4 years, eating with joy and delight. It’s a simple but revolutionary tool for parents who want their kids to develop a life-long habit of healthy eating. The DVD includes an on-camera discussion about healthy eating with renowned pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon, plus a section of delightful out-takes.

Total Running Time: 115 minutes

Emanuelle, my 3 year old daughter, and I sat down together to watch the DVD.  She was intrigued right away by the bright colors and the beautiful blue macaw of the DVD menu.  Then the fun really began when we selected the first vegetable which was the bell pepper.  I was quite surprised that it’s really as simple as children eating/playing with bell peppers.. no graphics or anything… just children having fun eating.  I was wondering how Emanuelle would sit through that…. HOWEVER suddenly she asks me for a bell pepper.  I was really surprised, but I gladly went to the kitchen and got her a red bell pepper.  I was preparing to cut it and then she says ”NO! Mom don’t cut it please”.  Just like some of the children on the DVD.

Then we go to the avocado part.  I sure wished I would have had some on hand.  She was begging me for some, she even went searching in the fridge for some.  Seeing the children scooping the inside of the avocado, playing with the slices,… she just so wanted to try some too.

Honestly, I’m quite surprised that just by seeing children eat veggies she got that excited by it.  Like I mentioned before, there’s no graphics or anything.. just children eating, but it works!

Here are some COPY-KIDS facts:
– They won Two Children’s Excellence awards: One from Dr. Toy and one from MACT
– They were approved by the USDA and added to their Education and Training Materials Database for pre-school nutrition.
If you want more background information, you can read their press releases.
COPY-KIDS are Facebook, Twitter and even on Pinterest.
COPY-KIDS is graciously offering one FREE copy of their COPY-KIDS eat fruits & vegetables to one lucky The DIY Dreamer reader!!  It’s open WORLDWIDE!
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