My FIRST Mobile Phone – TELUS

I just recently put my hands on a mobile phone. Not just any mobile phone, but my very FIRST mobile phone. Yes, you read correctly, my first cell phone. How did I manage to survive without one? How can a blogger not have a cell phone? Well, I managed. When I was away from home, I hoped that wherever I went had WiFi so that I could use my tablet. If I needed to call someone, I hoped that I had a family member with me that I had one. I know I know, Christine it’s 2013! Get yourself a mobile phone!

My FIRST Mobile Phone thanks to:

Mobile Phone TELUS

Lucky for me, the wonderful folks at TELUS decided it was time that I get connected and follow the cell phone craze. What does that mean? It means that I can now call who I want and when I want! Yes, next time I go to a store and can’t decide on what to buy, I can call my husband and ask for his help. Or if my car breaks down, I can call for help! And even more important, if there’s an emergency (like I have a sick child at daycare or at school) they can reach me right away!

During GMCHTA I realized that not having a cell phone was holding me back. My fellow adventurers were able to text each other regarding treasures they found, treasures they were looking for, etc… And I wasn’t able to help them out because I wasn’t “connected“. They were able to communicate with their loved ones anytime anywhere, while I had to wait until we were at the hotel so that I could talk with my family. They were able to share the adventure instantly with their readers and I couldn’t. Do you feel bad for me yet? :)

But I’m connected now!! I have access to the internet wherever I go! I can send Tweets, update my Facebook status and share photos with you via Instagram! YES, I can know say that I’m on Instagram! Isn’t that awesome? Seriously, I can’t get over how fun it is to have access to everything I want whenever I want.

Oh, you’re probably wondering what phone I have. TELUS sent me the Samsung GALAXY S4™! Yes, the cream of the cream of cell phones (from what I hear and so far I agree).  I absolutely ADORE the phone! The size is perfect too! I’ve seen a lot of people with smaller cell phones, but I like the large size of this one.

TELUS Samsung Galaxy S4 - Mobile Phone

And most important of it all, I feel “safe“ having it.  Stay tuned for another post on how having a cell phone with me helps me feel safe.

Do you own a mobile phone? How does it help you in your everyday life?

Thanks for joining me on my first mobile phone journey!

Have a great one!


 Disclosure: TELUS kindly sent me a mobile phone to try out. The opinions in this post are 100% my own.


  1. says

    OMGosh!!! YOUR FIRST MOBILE PHONE! (It totally deserves to be capslocked, lol.) Welcome to the smartphone club, YAY! The Samsung S4 is awesome, you’re in good hands with that one. LOL, I’m so excited for you! :D

  2. says

    Wow! You’re first phone. That’s amazing. How did you “survive” for so long without one? lol I’m sure you’ve heard that comment a lot. I got my first phone in 2001. I can’t imagine my life w/o it, esp. now with smart phones. I have the Samsung Galaxy as well, but the S3. I use it for texting, google maps, e-mails, web browsing, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging… and Calls (the least of which I use). Enjoy!

  3. fariba says

    Hi Christine , I ‘m so very happy that you have cell phone ,it’s very useful & necessary for everyone. I like Samsung s4 ,It’s very great .Hope you have great day with new cell phone ;)

  4. ikkinlala says

    I just got my first mobile phone because I’ve been job hunting. For most calls I still use Skype, but it’s to have a number where people can call me. I also text a lot.