Save money with a mobile phone! #TELUS #GALAXYS5

When I go shopping I like to make sure I get the best price. With this shopping philosophy, it takes a couple of hours before I’m ready to head out to the stores. I write down a list of stores that I might be planning on visiting on this particular shopping trip. Yes, I make a list of stores that I might be going to! Why, because there’s nothing worse than walking into an unplanned store buying things and then realizing that you could have used a coupon to save! As soon as my list is complete, I turn on my computer and visit each of their websites. Once on their websites, I search for coupons. When I find coupons, I print them. Not only do I print one copy, but I often will print doubles (in case I’m going with someone else, I like to make sure they save on their purchases too). You can ask my sister Emily about this, I’ve printed lots of coupons for her. The entire process is long but in the long run it’s worth it. Saving money is a great thing!

Save money with a mobile phone

That was my saving method until I discovered that you can use a mobile phone to save money on purchases! Do you realize how much time, ink and trees printouts I have saved now that I know this?! Now when I want to go shopping, I just need to bring along my new shopping buddy aka a mobile phone, like the AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S5, and I’m ready to go!

Samsung Galaxy s5 - Mobile Phone - TELUS

Sign up for coupons and discounts via email

There are a lot of stores that offer discounts and coupons directly on their website. Certain stores only offer coupons and discounts by email. I visited all my favorites and have signed up to receive emails when they are offering discounts. You just have to show the cashier the email you received with the coupon/discount. What’s really neat is that stores like Michaels scan the coupon bare-code directly from your mobile device!

Mobile phones help you save money on purchases!

Check pricing online while shopping

Another great way that you can save money shopping thanks to your phone, is by visiting competitors websites to compare pricing. There are stores that offer price matching or they’ll beat competitors prices. However, I usually will just see who has the best price and go directly to that store.

Online flyers are your friends

Most stores also have online flyers, which is a great way to see what is currently on special! This is absolutely fabulous when grocery shopping! I love planning my meals around what is on special at the groceries.

Check reviews before heading to the cash register

What I also love to do before purchasing an item, is to check out reviews online. Why purchase an item that 90% of the people say it breaks after a couple of uses. Or perhaps they’ll suggest a better model which may even be cheaper than what you are looking at.

Do you use coupons when you go shopping? Do you print them out or do you use your cell phone?
What are you favorite stores that offer great discounts?

Have a GREAT day!!


Disclosure: TELUS kindly sent me a mobile phone to try out. The opinions in this post are 100% my own.


  1. Leah says

    I do use coupons, when I’m actually PLANNING to go shopping. A lot of my shopping is spur of the moment type stuff, bad for the pocket book, good for my psyche

  2. says

    I love to use coupons, I especially use them at the grocery store. I have them somewhat organized (paper format) in a tiny little mini file folder. Like you, if I am going to multiple stores, I make a list of each store and under that, the items I want to purchase. I even go so far as to put an asterisk beside items that i have a coupon for.
    I LOVE the idea of using the phone though. Not only is it greener, it is faster than rifling through my coupons.

  3. says

    I never thought of using a cell phone to get coupons, this way you don’t forget them at home, like I do lol! I will definitely check this out on my phone. Thanks for sharing.