GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure #GMCHTA – Day 2 & 3

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure #GMCHTA Day 2 & 3 were as memorable as day 1. Thursday was the first day of the 127 Yard Sale and we decided to kick it off officially at Hudson, Michigan. We made sure that all our Acadia Denalis were all packed and off we went.

2013 GMC Acadia Denali
Hudson MichiganGMCHTA GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure

First purchase at the World’s Longest Yard Sale #GMCHTA

Would you believe that I was lucky enough to find this secretary desk at our very first stop? It was the most beautiful desk EVER! It was originally priced at $40 (which was still a VERY good price) but the combination of Jocie’s mad haggling skills and the kind hearts of some wonderful ladies.. I scored it for $25! I know… CRAZY!!

#GMCHTA Secretary Desk $25

We stopped in at a sale that was just outside of an Antique store. Jocie spotted some great treasures and I found a shelf that would be perfect for the bathroom.  We went inside the store to see if we could get better pricing and would you believe that the young man inside (he was probably around 13) under priced his grand-mother and let me have the shelf for $3! It was the funniest thing ever! hehe

GMCHTA Purchasing-GoodiesWorld's-Longest-Yard-Sale

We continued roaming all the good sales we could find throughout the day.  Eventually we looked at the time and it was past 2pm and noticed we had to hit the road and no more stopping if we wanted to make the 6:00pm meeting time in Florence, Kentucky. I LOVED sitting in the Acadia Denali after all the walking. I often have a sore back when walking & standing for long periods of time and the Acadia Denali’s air conditioned seats helped soothe the pain.. SERIOUSLY!


Time to get to work

After supper we hit Home Depot to get paint so that we could start painting the pieces we picked up. When we got back to the hotel, it was time to empty our vehicles and fill up the U-Haul and the 2014 Sierra truck.

Techies Filling-the-truck Filling-the-u-haulEmpty-trucks

Jocie and I started painting our pieces that night and enjoyed chatting with Carissa. A big THANK YOU to Rust-Oleum for the Home Depot gift card they provided each of us to purchase paint.

Shelf - Before and After

Day 3 of #GMCHTA

We met for breakfast at the hotel the next morning and met 3 ladies who were taking on the World’s Longest Yard Sale too. They happened to be readers from last year’s GMCHTA trip and were super excited to come across us (the 2013 team). I must say that I was so humbled to have met them and I hope they had as much fun as we did.

We realized that it was our last full day of yard sale shopping, with the 1:00pm meeting time in Atlanta on Saturday.. that meant we probably wouldn’t have time to stop anywhere on Saturday. We needed to stay focus and find everything we needed as soon as possible.

Finding items for the music room was HARD! I was having the hardest time find anything music related and everyone was on the look out for music items for me.  Early Friday we got a text from Liz saying that she had bought me a guitar! SWEET! A non- functional guitar, but that was completely fine with me. I believe it was priced at $2. Eventually everything started coming together. A few minutes later I found a pair of speakers and got them for $5! As soon as I purchased them, a young lady named Anna came up to me to ask if she could donate $10. I thought that we the sweetest thing ever! Thanks Anna!


While we were searching yard sales, we were always on the look out for things our team members were searching for. Carissa was searching for a mirror for the girls room and lucky for us we found it for her.  Thanks for the photo Connie :)

Mirror for Carissa

I had been searching high and low for the last two days searching for a music stand with no luck. Then, long behold someone came to the rescue! I received this tweet from Chris (the lady behind GMCHTA):

@theDIYdreamer @ThisIsGMC I have a music stand for you courtesy of @RustOleum
SWEET!!! How awesome is Rust-Oleum?! THANK YOU!

After lots of shopping it was time to hit the road again to make it on time to Crossville, Tennesse. Would you believe I drove almost 2 hours on a super curvy road in Kentucky? And I mean CURVY, I’ve never been on road with that many curves and for that length of time.. CRAZY but completely breathtaking!


During supper I started panicking realizing I was still missing stuff like a comfy chair, rug, decor items, etc… to decorate the music room. However, one very smart lady told me Don’t over think it and everything will come together. I took that message to heart.

After supper we headed back to the hotel to start working on pieces again. I only had my shelf to paint and I had completed it the night before, so I helped Jocie. Jocie had the most painting to do than the rest of us, but I love that she worked on her pieces every night instead of waiting until the day before the reveal.

Stay tuned for Day 4 and the reveal :)


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Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share the adventure with you.  However GMC did cover my travel expenses.


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    What fun to follow you on this journey Crhistine – thanks for letting me know about today’s post – I am so in awe of this!!!
    Can’t wait for day 4 !!!

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