Goals for 2012!!!

My goals for 2012 (in no particular order)

  •  Increase the success of the blog.

         – Get More Sponsors
         – Do More Giveaways
         – Host Link Parties
         – Host Facebook Page Exchange

  •  Get a Nikon D7000.

           I’ve been DYING to get a new camera for about 3 years.

  •  Go on a family trip.

           We went to Cuba last year with the kids and my parents.  I would love to go to down south again this year.   However it all depends on finances, we have windows that need to be replaced and a roof to fix…

  •   Have mentoring sessions with Crave Photography.

            Crave Photography offers online mentoring sessions to help with photo edits/enhancements.

  •   A Month in Photos.

          Many people are doing the Project 365, which is to take a photo everyday.  However, I find that a little too demanding for me right now.  Simple as that is doing Month-in-Photos and I love that idea.  At the end of each month you create a photo collage of your favorite moments of the month.  I find it a lot simpler.  I can’t wait to get started at the end of the month.

What are your goals for this year?


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    Thanks for the comment on the Gallery Wall ideas over at b3hd!

    I love your goals, by the by. I just geeked out and created an excel spreadsheet to help me better track my online world. I didn’t go so far as to be deliberate (and honest) about goals like you did (let’s face it, I’m tracking so that I can make the sponsorship/giveaway/big time leap).

    All said, I have to learn how to use the camera I have before I’ll ever be able to justify a new one (smile). I like your family commitment goal (I so need one of those – hubby is good at that) and…a month in photos. More honesty there (smile).

    Like the gallery wall, I’m going to do a different take on the 365 project (which finally committing to a photo a day this year as another goal). It will be the year of the photo.

    All the best. I’m your newest follower.


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    Hi Christine- thanks for visiting SweetLittleBluebird and for the sweet comment!

    I’m new to blogging, just about a month now, so it’s fun to see other blogs and follow – I’m a new follower! :o)

    I have one of the same resolutions, NEW CAMERA! Most of the photos on my blog were taken with my cell phone. Time to upgrade!

    Looking forward to following this year! Good luck with your resolutions!