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There are certain heart conditions that you can’t do anything to prevent or minimize the chances of them occurring. For example someone very close to me will be going for heart surgery within the next few weeks to remove an ascending aorta aneurysm (AAA) along with replacing a deformed aorta valve. We have no idea how long he has had an ascending aorta aneurysm, was it caused by a car accident from a few years ago or perhaps a hit while playing a contact sport? We’ll never know the cause, but we know it needs to be removed before it bursts. For the deformed aorta valve, that was something he was born with. But there are heart conditions that the risks can be minimized with the right tools and knowledge.

As some of you may know already February is Heart month. Shoppers Drug Mart thought it would be the perfect time to alert Canadians of the risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart disease and stroke are things that can happen to anyone but with the right tools and good health, the risks can be minimized. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society recommends knowing your cardiovascular age and cardiovascular risk to improve your blood pressure and blood lipids. Shoppers Drug Mart has launched an online interactive tool that calculates cardiovascular age and assesses the risks of heart disease and stroke: Heart Age Calculator.

Heart Age Calculator

Did you know that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada? Finding out what your heart age is an important first step to a healthier heart. Your cardiovascular heart age is determined based on different factors like your blood pressure, cholesterol, if you smoke, etc… You might be surprised to know that your heart might be aging faster than you! Research shows that knowing your heart age and understanding it is a step closer to better heart health.

The Heart Age Calculator is a scientifically validated online tool. It’s meant to help Canadians calculate the cardiovascular age of their heart and asses the risks of a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular diseases within the next 10 years. The online tool asks simple questions like your height, weight, age, cholesterol levels (don’t worry if you don’t know, the tool gives you the option to “don’t know”), how much physical activity you do, etc…

Looking for simple steps you can do right now to improve your Heart Health?
– Quit smoking
– Check your blood pressure
– Be active
– Regulate your cholesterol levels
– Take control

How about we take the test together? It would mean a lot to me! It only takes a few minutes and we would be one step closer to healthier hearts! Shoppers Drug Mart – Heart Age Calculator

I took the test and so did my husband!
Here are my results:
Heart Age Calculator

Were your results what you expected? What will you do to improve your heart health?
Don’t forget to share the Heart Age Calculator with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Have a wonderful day!


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    What a great post. Thanks for highlighting heart health issues. I wasn’t able to follow the link on your blog, but googled “heart age calculator” and found one.

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    YAY that you are below your actual age! My family has a lot of the preventable heart problems, and it always made me a little mad at them. They are causing the rest of us stress by not taking care of themselves. It is something that motivates me to make the right decisions. I look at my boys and think I need to take care of me for them!

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    This calculator is such a great tool! My heart age came back as healthy. It makes me wonder what it would have told me a few years ago when I really didn’t put myself and my health first!

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    My father in law is suffering from heart complications, it sure is scary. Just seeing him suffer is enough of a motivator for me as I want to be healthy and around for my children as long as possible.

    This tool is very easy to use and helpful in keeping us in the know! Knowledge is power.

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    Wishing the best for your friend. It’s true there are things beyond our control which makes it especially important to keep an eye on the things we can. Tools like this are a great way to start that process!

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    Such great motivation this tool is, regardless of the score. Mine was younger than my true age, but still motivates me to continue taking care of my heart and making healthy choices :)

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    SO sorry to hear about this impending surgery. My grandmother has an aortic aneurysm however due to her age and condition, she is not a candidate for surgery so it’s basically like a ticking time bomb. She’s turning 90 on my youngest son’s 1st birthday and that is her goal; after that she says she’s ready to pass. It’s like a dream to think of for me, like it’s not real but she has lived a long and full life. This is definitely a reminder to make healthier lifestyle choices in our own lives. My heart was also younger than my age but I don’t want that to be a false sense of security.

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    Sending some love out to your friend! Here’s hoping the surgery goes well! A long and healthy life is what I am striving for! Keeping active, eating healthy and keeping an eye on my health!

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    Wishing your loved one a successful treatment in the weeks to follow. Your right sometimes in life you cannot change the circumstance, but when you can having the right tools and knowledge can save your life!