Beautiful Valentine Crafts – Unique Ideas

I was so excited when I received the January/February issue of Martha Stewart Living! This issue is filled with unique Valentine crafts and yummy recipes that you can make for your loved ones.

Martha Stewart Living - January/February 2014 Issue

Doesn’t that waffle look delicious?! I’m planning on making some on Valentine’s Day for my little family! Yummy!

Beautiful Valentine Crafts

Fabric Envelope
Are you planning on writing a love letter to you special someone for Valentine’s Day? How about placing it inside a DIY fabric envelope that you created using scrap fabric? You can get the step by step tutorial right here: Fabric Envelope
Fabric Envelopes - Created with Scrap Fabric

Clip-on Hearts
I just adore these adorable and yet very simple to make Clip-on Hearts! If you have paper clips on hand, you have everything you need to make them! It’s just a question of bending them into hearts.
Clip-on Hearts made from paper clips

Keys from the heart
How about offering a key to your place or heart to your loved one? 
A beautiful gesture that is sure to pleased! These keys were decorated using Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel.
Keys decorated with Enamel Paint

Spread the Love
Looking for something to give your parents, friends, teacher, etc… These little pots with painted hearts are great way to show them how much they mean to you! You can see the step by step tutorial right here: Spread the Love
Decorated wooded pots with painted hearts

Photos by Burcu Avsar. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2014.
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And? What do you think of these Valentine Craft ideas? Pretty fun and unique right?
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Have a beautiful day!!