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How to hang multiple frames!!!

Have you ever tried hanging multiple frames? You think to yourself “This is going to be easy”, just until you start and then you realize it’s not that easy and takes A LOT of time.

You’ll be happy to know that I have 10 easy steps to make this easy project actually simple.

Multiple frames hanging on a wall.

P.S. I have found an easy way to hang frames to create a gallery wall since publishing this blog post many years ago.

How to hang multiple frames

Step 1: Find some paper that will be long and wide enough to cover the the section of the wall you would like to hang your frames.  (If your paper isn’t long/wide enough, just tape them together)

Paper taped together with ruler, pencil, and scissors.

Step 2:  Place your frames on your paper, exactly the way you would like them to be on your wall.

Picture frames placed over paper.

Step 3: Trace the outline of your frames onto your paper.

Tracing around a picture frame.

Step 4: Turn your frames over and measure where the hole is.  Use those measurements to make dots on your paper frames.

Ruler placed over the back of a picture frame.
Paper with a dot, pencil, and ruler.
Paper with frames traced on it with a pencil and ruler.

Step 6: Hang your paper on your wall using tape.

Template on wall.

Step 7: Hammer nails where you see your dots.

Template showing where to insert a nail.

Step 8: Tear off the paper.  You’ll have only your nails left on the wall.

Picture showing where all the nails are placed.

Step 9: Hang your frames.

Multiple frames hanging on a wall.

Step 10: Enjoy your ”easy” work.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.