Create your own Statement Jewelry with Epoxy Clay

Create your own Statement Jewelry with Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Epoxy Clay! I had so much fun creating my own jewelry with the supplies I received from #12MonthsofMartha. I made myself a beautiful necklace, a ring and cute little cabochon earrings.

How to make your own Statement Jewelry

How to create your own Statement Jewelry!

How to make Epoxy Clay accessories:

Epoxy clay – Martha Stewart Crafts Camelia Pink
Silicone mold – Martha Stewart Crafts Mums Collection
Double-ended stylus – Martha Stewart Crafts
Small jewelry file – Martha Stewart Crafts
Olive oil
Wax paper
Flat-nose pliers – Martha Stewart Crafts
Rhinestones – Martha Stewart Crafts 3mm Crystal
Jewelry Glue – Martha Stewart Crafts

Step 1: Rub a little bit of Olive oil on your hands. Open the clay kit and make two equal size balls of color and activator (the white stuff). Step 2: Knead together the color and the activator until completely blended. Step 3: Divide up your ball of epoxy clay and place some inside each silicone mold you want to use. Step 4: Use the double-ended stylus to press the clay into the silicone mold. Step 5: Put a little bit of Olive oil on your finger tip and rub the back of the clay pieces to smooth them out.
**Wait about 24 hours to remove them from the molds UNLESS you want to add rhinestones! If you want to add rhinestones, continue onto Step 6. 

How to use clay to make jewelryMartha Stewart created a wonderful video demonstrating how to use epoxy clay.

Step 6: Chose the rhinestones you would like to use. Step 7: Gently remove the clay piece from the silicone mold. The clay piece shouldn’t be completely dry, otherwise the rhinestone will not stick (unless you use glue). Step 8: Gently press the rhinestone into the clay piece. Allow to dry. Step 9: Once all the clay pieces are dry (about 24 hours) you can remove them from the silicone molds.

Tutorial: How to insert rhinestones into clay

How to make a necklace:

Medium “Mum” Cabochon
Filigree Round setting – Martha Stewart Crafts
Heart Tag Silver Chain – Martha Stewart Crafts
Bezel Pink Chain – Martha Stewart Crafts
Chain (2 pieces)
Jump rings (3)
Wire/Chain cutter
Jewelry Glue – Martha Stewart Crafts

Step 1: Take out all your supplies. Step 2: Attach all three chains together using the end ring of the Bezel Pink Chain as a jump ring. Use the pliers to open the ring to insert the chains and close the ring. Step 3: The Heart Tag Silver Chain is longer than the Bezel Pink Chain. Use the chain cutter to cut the Heart Tag Silver Chain to the same length as the Bezel Pink Chain. Using the same method as Step 2, attach the Bezel Chain, Heart Tag Chain and your second piece of regular chain together. Step 4: Attach jump rings to each end of the regular chain. Before closing the jump rings, insert the necklace clasp. Step 5: Use jewelry glue to attach the Medium “Mum” Cabochon to the Filigree Round setting. Step 6: Once the glue has dried, attach the “Mum” to the chain with the help of a jump ring.

Tutorial: How to make a chain necklace

And voilà, your gorgeous necklace is completed!

How to create a clay necklace

How to make earrings:

Extra-small “Mum” Cabochon
Earring settings
Earring backings
Jewelry Glue – #MarthaStewartCrafts

Step 1: Use jewelry glue to attach the extra small “Mum” Cabochon onto the earring settings.

How to make Clay earrings

Once the glue is dry, you’ll have a cute little pair of clay earrings!

Clay earrings

How to make a ring:

Small “Mum” cabochon
Ring setting – Martha Stewart Crafts
Jewelry Glue – Martha Stewart Crafts

Step 1: Use jewelry glue to attach the small “Mum” Cabochon onto the ring setting.

how to create a clay ring

Allow it to dry. And voilà a sweet ring!

DIY-Epoxy Clay-Ring

Epoxy Clay Jewelry Set – Finished Result:

How to make your own Statement Jewelry

Pretty cute right? It was really FUN and easy to put together. Both Gabrielle and Emanuelle are working on their own epoxy clay creations. Gabrielle is working on a white owl with Turquoise eyes and Emanuelle filled the Nautical Silicone Mold with pink epoxy clay. She said we’ll use them as tokens for Monopoly. (I thought that was so cute!)

If you would like to check out the Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Line, it’s available exclusively at Michaels Arts and Crafts stores.

Hope you are having a FABULOUS day!


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Disclosure: Martha Stewart Crafts sent me supplies in order to create this project. The opinions in this post are 100% my own.


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    this is so pretty; so feminine, the entire set! love the pink! my favourite is the necklace, I had no idea about this clay and that olive oil was a must to prepare it! glad to know now. I’m sure your daughter’s will be very pretty too! :-)

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    I love it, pink and all matching love it!!!!
    hmmm might be time for a bit of online shopping Martha’s stuff is hard to get here but it seriously is the best!

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    Hi Christine, I LOVE this jewelry! Your tutorial is awesome and makes me want to rush right out and get all the supplies to make some myself. They’re so pretty! They would make great gifts too. So glad to have seen your link over at the Scoop. Have a great week!


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    So pretty! Thanks for the tutorial. I came from the party at Ladybug Blessing. I’ve never made jewelry before but I like it so much I pinned it just in case.

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    Great tutorial!! I’ve been too timid to venture into the jewelry aisles at the craft stores, but this looks easy! New follower, stopped over from Titus 2 Tuesday! :)

  6. emily says

    super cute! I will have to make sure and get to a michaels this summer. I didn’t know M.S. made those jewelry molds… lovely! WOuld love for you to share at my tasteful Tuesday party… still going on! Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

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    I just loved what you did with the supplies. It is a very gorgeous project and hope to come back and create my own version in the near future. Thank you for the inspiration.

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