DIY Painted Walking Sticks – Glamping Projects

Do you go camping with your kids? Do they get bored after a couple of hours? Or do you find yourself looking for something to entertain them while it rains outside? I know, it never rains while camping (haha)! Do you like to go walking with them? If any of these apply to you, you’ll love this camping craft.. perfect for Glamping!

DIY Painted Walking Sticks - Perfect Camping Craft! Glamping Time!

As soon as we get to our camping site, the first thing my daughters do is go out on the search to find their walking stick! They always end up finding a bunch of them. Two years ago we stayed in a Hobbit Home and during our walk we found the most unusual stick we had ever seen. It was a branch that had fallen off a tree, but kept part of the tree bark with it. Which made it the perfect walking stick with a handle. Plus the handle sorta looks like a boat. Ever since we found it, it travels with us when we go camping.

DIY Painted Walking Sticks

– Branches
– Acrylic Paint
– Paint Brushes and/or Foam Brushes
– Paper plates
– Bowl with water
– Paper Towels
– Paint Sealer (We used Mod Podge)

Step 1: Go out on the search for long branches that would be perfect for walking. (The first branch on the left is the one we found at the Hobbit Home.)
Turn branches into beautiful walking sticks

Step 2: Place the paint you want to use inside a paper plate. Take out the bowl of water and paper towel (you need these to clean your brushes between colors).
What you will need to paint the branches

Step 3: Paint the sticks as you please! Go wild and have fun! Mix colors, try different designs and patterns! A little reminder: Have fun!
How to paint sticks

Step 4: Once you are done painting your beautiful walking sticks, apply a sealer over the paint.
Mod Podge as a paint sealer

Step 5: Enjoy and go out for a long walk!

Camping Crafts for Kids DIY Walking Stick - Perfect Kids Craft - Camping Craft DIY Walking Stick - Perfect Kids Craft - Camping Craft DIY Walking Stick - Perfect Kids Craft - Camping Craft DIY Walking Stick - Perfect Kids Craft - Camping Craft

Didn’t they turn out fabulous? Gabrielle absolutely LOVED painting her walking stick. She actually painted two and Emanuelle was powerhouse and painted three! Fun and easy craft!

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Hope you’re having a fabulous day! :)


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33 thoughts on “DIY Painted Walking Sticks – Glamping Projects

  1. So cute Christine! I love the bright colours you used and it’s such a simple but amazing idea! The sticks would certainly be easy to see if you laid them down in the forest floor too. And what a great camping activity for kids! You are brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing! Angie xo

  2. I love this idea. It’s so simple but really pretty. I admit, I’m not really the hiking type but I would love just a bunch of these on display in a corner or in a bucket/basket on my patio. On the summer craft to-do list!

  3. Oh, I love the idea of painting your walking sticks! Why have I not thought of it before? Camping must do from here on out!

    Found you at Artsy Fartsy Mama. If you’re interested in finding new link parties, I have one that is live right now at Gingerly Made and you are welcome to join.

  4. Hi Christine…..I’m Christine too and I glamp also! I absolutely love this idea and my 2 girls will love it too…..I will definitely check out your other glamping crafts to do for my girls over the summer.
    Just curious….where do you camp if you are in Ontario?
    Have a great long weekend!
    Christine xo

  5. We were just talking about walking sticks as we prep for some summer hikes – what a beautiful project — you guys did a great job! I’m a big one more glamping as I like to have indoor bathrooms and no snakes where I sleep :) I’m linking back to you from our summer activity round-up this week.

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