Tie-Dye Fun!!!

Have you ever tie-dyed before?  If you haven’t.. you should really try it.  It’s really FUN and addictive.

My sister and I tie-dyed t-shirts last week (it was for a parade and we wanted all the kids to match).  We had never tie-dyed anything before, we were kinda nervous about it.  I think we watched over 4 videos before we actually attempted it.

Once you start, you just can’t stop… it’s super fun and EASY (no need to be nervous about it)!

We bought a tie-dye kit (Tulip – One Step Tie-Dye Kit) and followed the instructions.  What’s nice about the kit was that the powder was already in the bottles, you just had to add water and shake.

We laid the shirts flat on the table and selected a section of the t-shirts and pulled up and added rubber bands 2 inches apart.  You should totally check out YouTube for examples.  We really enjoyed the tutorial from I Love To Create.

We headed outside and placed our t-shirt tubes on a garbage bag (next time we will place the garbage bags on a flat surface and not on the ground).  We put on some rubber gloves and started dying the t-shirts.

After we were done dying the t-shirts, we wrapped them up in plastic wrap.

We let them sit for 8 hours and then we removed the rubber bands with scissors.  Once the rubber bands were removed, we rinsed the t-shirts (wear gloves!!).. to remove the extra dye. I would recommend you rinse the t-shirts in the sink and not in a bin… you’ll be surprised at the amount of dye that will come out during rinsing.

We then set the washing machine to HOT and put it at the biggest load.
And voilà the result:

Here are my girls sporting their new tie-dye t-shirts along with their cousin Charles.

What do you think??  I just LOVE them!!  
I’m planning on picking up some white tank tops to tie-dye too :)
Have a GREAT day!!

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  1. says

    The colors you chose are beautiful, and so are the shirts! I think I might have done some once at a summer camp, but they didn’t turn out so well!

  2. says

    OH your girls are SO adorable with those ultra cool shirts! We had a party and did these but the kids went a little nutty and put too much dye thus getting blackish brown shirts! LOL

  3. says

    What a fun project. this made me think of one of my favorite shirt when I was young, yeah, it was tie-dyed! we will be featuring this at the blog tomorrow, by the way.

    thanks for sharing this with us at the Crafty Saturday Party, Christine. I can’t wait to see what you have for us this week.


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    I’ve never tie died before. But my daughter went to a birthday party where they did that. She had tons of fun. I love the colors you did.
    Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

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    I love this project so much that I’ll be featuring it at tonight’s Make it Great party. I hope you’ll stop by to grab a featured button from the sidebar and link up again!

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    Very fun craft!
    I should do that with my girls!
    I remember doing that was I was a teen and we had a ball!
    Thanks for linking up this weeek!
    Stacey of Embracing Change