Hand-Drawn Stuffed Monster

Hand-Drawn Stuffed Monster ~ The very first project my daughters wanted to try when we received the Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids book, was the Hand-Drawn Stuffed Animals project. Gabrielle took out a piece of paper right away and started drawing her creation. She decided to make a monster instead of an animal.

Hand-Drawn Stuffed Monster

We started off with Gabrielle drawing the monster she wanted. Once it was drawn we photocopied the drawing to be able to use it as a pattern. Once photocopied, Gabrielle cut out the body of the monster. We folded in two the fabric she had chosen and we pinned the pattern onto it. Gabrielle cut the fabric, using the pattern as a guide.

Next Gabrielle cut some felt to make the face, mouth, legs and wings. We hand stitched the face and mouth onto the front side of the fabric. She then picked out the buttons she wanted and hand stitched them onto the front of the monster.

When the face was completely put together, we place the two pieces of fabric face to face (good sides facing each other) and sewed the sides together (without stitching the bottom). We unfolded the monster (since it was inside out) and then began stuffing it with batting. Gabrielle added stuffing to the monster until he felt cuddly enough for her.

When he was stuffed enough, we pinned the legs in-between the fabric and we did a zigzag stitch to attach them to the monster. The last thing we had left was to attach the wings onto the back of the monster. We accomplished this by hand stitching the wings onto his back.

How to make a stuffed monster

And because Emanuelle is in the stage where she wants everything exactly like her sister. She asked Gabrielle to make her a monster exactly the same. Gabrielle opted to change the fabric for her sister’s stuffed creation. (I was honestly surprised that Emanuelle didn’t want to draw her own.)

Hand-drawn Stuffed Creation

Hand-Drawn Stuffed Monsters

Hand-Drawn Stuffed Toys

Here are my monster creations, holding their monsters: How to make stuffed animals

What do you think of the hand-drawn stuffed monsters? Aren’t they cute?

Hope you are having a BEAUTIFUL day!


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    Haha! Your monsters holding their monsters! These are too cute Christine! What a great idea! Ill have to wait til my kids are older, but we will try this! :)

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    So much fun! I know my daughter would love this project, but I don’t think she’s old enough for sewing. How old are your daughters and how much of this project were they able to complete on their own? …I guess I could use fabric glue as an alternative….