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Quick and Easy Custom Tote Bags – Iron-on Transfer

Kids often need a bag to cart things back and forth from school, items that don’t necessarily fit in their book bags. Sure you can buy them a bag or you can even sew one for them, but sometimes you want a mix of both. What do I mean by a mix of both? I mean the mix of the convenience of buying something ready to be used with a touch of handmade. This is were a tote bag with an iron-on transfer would be the perfect solution!

Create beautiful custom tote bags quickly with iron-on transfers.

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Quick and Easy Custom Tote Bags using Iron-on Transfers


Canvas tote bag with a collection of beautiful iron-on transfers


Step 1: When I removed the totes from the packaging, they had a lot of creases. I immediately ironed out all the creases to make sure the totes were nice and crisp.

Step 2: Following the instructions included with the iron transfers I purchased, I pre-heated the totes with my iron. (It’s important to follow the instructions that come with the iron transfers you buy. The steps my vary from one product to the other.)

Step 3: I placed the iron transfer in the desired location and placed the white t-shirt over it. (Had I had a pressing cloth, I would have used that.)

Place the iron-on transfer paper on the desired location

You don't have a cotton press cloth? You can use a cotton white t-shirt instead!

Step 4: Again, following the instructions on the packaging, I ironed over the t-shirt for the required time.

Step 5: The next step required to put the bag inside out. However, the totes I bought were thick and hard to turn inside out while keeping the iron transfer in place. To remedy the situation, I placed the t-shirt on the ironing board and then I put the front of the tote (where the transfer was placed) on top of the t-shirt. I then ironed it by placing my iron inside the opening of the tote.

How to press an iron-on transfer onto a tote bag

Step 6: After letting the iron transfer cool, it was time to remove the plastic film.

Remove film from iron-on transfer

DIY custom tote bag

And voilà, finished!

Custom Tote Bags with Iron-on Transfer

Quick and easy custom tote bags!

Beautiful custom tote bag with peacock iron-on transfer.

Stunning personalized tote bag.

How to create custom tote bags. Quick and easy project!

Didn’t they turn out beautifully? The girls and I each have our own. We each picked out the iron-on transfer we wanted at Michaels. Gabrielle has the peacock, Emanuelle has the hummingbirds, and I have the cow skull.. well, I think it’s a cow. haha

Have you every used iron-on transfers before? It was our first time and it definitely won’t be our last. The girls are already talking about t-shirts. hehe

Have a wonderful day my friends!

P.S. I’ll be sharing this project at these parties.

P.P.S. If ever you want to sew your own bags, check out this tutorial:

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Here's a FREE pattern and FREE tutorial for a beautiful bag. The bag has three compartments instead of just one, perfect to keep you organized! #FreeSewingPattern #BagSewingPattern #ToteBagPattern

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