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Hand Lettering Tutorial {Leen Machine Paper Studio}

Hand Lettering ~ Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio is here today to share with you a tutorial on hand lettering. Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters and I must say it’s such a beautiful form of art.


Hi, I’m Paulene from Leen Machine Paper Studio and I’m excited to share my current obsession with you – Hand Lettering. Look up Lettering on Pinterest and you’ll find dozens of boards and pins of beautiful type and letter-forms  Well, I got tired of gawking over them and decided that maybe I should learn.

I’m a complete beginner so everything is a work in progress for me. I am currently taking a Lettering class and it’s definitely opened my eyes. But let me back up. I know you might be asking, what is Lettering? Can’t I just type up something on the computer? To me, lettering is all about drawing the letters and being able to create a completely customized, one of a kind piece with personality. Truthfully, I think I’m into Lettering because of the swirls or flourishes as letterers call it.

Hand Lettering

To get started with Lettering, you’ll need:
– a regular piece of paper or graph paper (so everything lines up)
– pencil
– eraser
– sharpie

Step 1: Decide on a phrase, quote, or name. Pick a font that inspires you. Do a sketch to get a feel of how you’d like the layout to look like. Or if you’re like me, browse through Pinterest for layouts.

Step 2:  Start working on the letters, using the font you chose as a guideline and begin filling them out.

Step 3:  Expect a lot of erasing and playing around. This is where all the fun is!
Hand Lettering

Step 4:  When you get to a place where you’re happy with your work, retrace your letters with a Sharpie.
Hand Lettering

Step 5 (optional):  If you have a scanner or Photoshop, you can take your lettering one step further and create a print, stationery, gifts or anything! The possibilities are endless!
Hand Lettering

My letters, flourishes, and composition still need a ton of work but I am learning.
My hope is to practice daily and get better!


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Leen Machine Paper SrudioNicknamed by her best friends as leen machine, Paulene is a designer and runner on a mission to do all things with love. Her paper goods business, Leen Machine Paper Studio, provides her with a creative outlet to design simple, modern pieces with pops of color.

Trinity B.

Saturday 23rd of March 2013

I had no idea about this, but it's very pretty. I love this idea, and that you're doing a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial!


Saturday 23rd of March 2013

Great lettering always adds a finished touch. Great work, Pauline!


Friday 22nd of March 2013

I love lettering! I design tattoos and I pride myself on hand drawing all my lettering as opposed to just typing something up. Great post for beginners!


Friday 22nd of March 2013

So beautiful Paulene, thank you for sharing you lovely letter tutorial and nice to Meet you :-) have a wonderful weekend both of you, big hugs Mette

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