Giant Birthday Candles – Fun Birthday Party Decoration

Here’s a fun birthday prop you can use over and over again. I made these Giant Birthday Candles a few years ago:

Giant Birthday Candles

Giant Birthday Candles - Fun Birthday Party Decoration

I love how tall they are.  They measure 30”, 36” and 42”.

What you will need to make these Giant Birthday Candles:
– Thick cardboard tubes in various size (I cut my tubes to these sizes 22”, 28” and 34”) – These are called mailing tubes, they are used to package and ship items like linoleum flooring, paper, etc…
– Spray paint (White Spray paint and bright colors)
– Masking tape
– White plastic cups
– Yellow and Orange foam sheets (Dollar Store)
– Hot glue gun
– Regular glue
– 6” Wooden dowels
– Black paint

Giant Birthday Candles - Fun Birthday Party Decoration

Here are the instructions to make one candle, repeat the steps if you wish to make more.

Step 1: Spray paint your tube white.  You may need to do two coats.
Step 2: Wrap masking tape around your tube starting at the top and working your way down.  This will determine where your white stripe will be.
Step 3: Spray paint your tube again, but this time a bright color.  You’ll probably need to do a few coats.
Step 4: Gently remove the masking tape from your tube.
Step 5: Insert a white plastic cup in the bottom of your tube (this will be your base).  I used a plastic cup for the base because it gives you a flexibility if you put it on a surface that isn’t quite level.

Step 1:  Cut 2 yellow foam sheets in the shape of a flame (approx. 5” high).
Step 2:  Cut 2 orange foam sheets in the shape of a smaller flame (approx. 2.5” high).
Step 3:  Glue orange flames on to the yellow flames.
Step 4:  Paint your wooden dowel in black.
Step 5:  Glue the 2 flames unto each side of the dowel. (More towards the top so that you have enough dowel left to glue to the bottom of the plastic cup).
Step 6: Using your hot glue gun, put a dab of glue on the bottom end of your dowel and then glue it onto the inside of the other white cup.
Step 7:  Insert the cup on the top of your tube…..


Giant Birthday Candles - Fun Birthday Party Decoration

Hope you enjoyed these Giant Birthday Candles as much as I do!

Have a great day!!


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  1. says

    This is a great idea! You could set them on top of a table with a long pink table cloth and make it a giant sized birthday cake with candles. My little girl just celebrated her bday, so I missed the boat, but maybe next year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    BRILLIANT. Not only am I impressed but I am also inspired. What a great idea and use of common resources. Why don’t you have hundreds of comments telling you how fantastic this idea is???

    Amy @

    • says

      Thanks Amy!!! I had just started blogging when I posted this and barely shared it on link parties.. I’m hoping that’s why I didn’t get many comments!

      Your comment really warmed my heart! Thanks so much :)

  3. says

    Well I’m amazed and I’ll stealing this idea for my friends 40th birthday!!! That is, if you don’t mind! Love your blog…I have a blog…I just don’t blog! HA

  4. says

    These are as cute as can be and can make the day special for a child. Love it. I just knew there had to be uses for wrapping paper tubes! Best wishes, Linda

  5. says

    This is such a fun idea! A great way to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  6. Wanda says

    I feel really stupid asking this, but where do you get the cardboard tubes? It seems I am the only person not knowing where you can get these, so I apologize in advance!!!

  7. Doreen says

    Wanda you aren’t the only one wondering what type of tubes those are. I don’t see the answer, hope to see one soon. I would love to make these for my coworker. They are great!