Refreshing Summer Salad

Refreshing Summer Salad ~ A few weeks back I shared a wonderful salad recipe perfect for hot summer days over at A Little Tipsy. It’s my favorite salad and figured you would probably like it too. :)

After a hot and humid day I often don’t feel like cooking something complicated for supper. We usually throw something onto the BBQ and I make a salad to accompany whether we are grilling that day. My go to YUMMY and easy salad is this Spinach Salad with fresh berries drizzled with a Maple Vinaigrette.

Refreshing Summer Salad

Refreshing Summer Salad Recipe

Lets start by making the Maple Vinaigrette (Salad Dressing).

Maple Vinaigrette
3/4 cup Olive Oil
1/4 cup Balsamic Vinaigar
1/2 cup of Maple Syrup
Basil (If I don’t have fresh basil on hand, I use dry basil.) – To taste
Salt and Pepper – To taste
P.S. This makes a good size batch of vinaigrette, you might want to cut the recipe in half.
*** Feel free to add a little bit of orange juice to the dressing, it gives the vinaigrette a wonderful kick of taste.

Gather your ingredients and mix them all together.  I don’t recommend you keep the salad dressing longer than a day, it’s meant to be used right away or within the day. It can be refrigerated while you are not using it.


Next lets start the salad.

Spinach Salad
Berries (You can use a mixture of berries or just one kind.)
Almond Slices
**I also like to throw in some feta cheese in the salad when I have some. :)

Place the spinach into the bowl or plate you would like to serve the salad in. Layer the berries and almond slices on top of the salad.



The salad is now ready, you can drizzle the yummy Maple Vinaigrette over it.




I hope you enjoyed this simple yet delicious summer salad recipe. It’s my all time favorite salad, plus the dressing can be used on different types of salads too.

Hope you have a GREAT day and make sure to create something FUN today!


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    This definitely looks refreshing :) I love strawberries in salad and am excited to try this dressing. We are having very out of season fall-like weather here, but I am still craving salads like mad. Stopping by from Whimsy Wednesdays :)

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    Such a refreshing salad and so perfect for this time of year. Love all those berries you’ve added – simply delicious! Thanks for sharing with us.

    So, CELEBRATE! ♥ because YOU’VE BEEN FEATURED! on the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT No. 18. Look for the Link and Hop.

    Our next party starts at midnight tonight and thanks again for linking up with us.

    Sharon and Denise
    BeBetsy ♥

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    That looks delicious Christine – pinning it for sure ( us Quebeckers really do love our maple syrup lol )
    Congratulations on your feature at The Charm of Home !!!

  4. kristen visser says

    omg this looks so refreshing and tasty!!! i was never one for having fruit in my salad until recently. i am definitely going to try this!!!