Sewing 101 – Guide for beginners, like me…

Since I’m new to the whole sewing world, I put together a Sewing 101 – Guide for beginners, like me.  I included everything I believe is essential to start sewing from a sewing dictionary, threading a machine, tools, fabric and easy sewing patterns.  Sit back and enjoy all these great sewing tips and tutorials.

Sewing 101

Before we can actually start sewing, I believe it’s important to know all the necessary sewing terms.  Amber from Crazy Little Projects created an AMAZING Sewing Dictionary with Pictures which is part of the Learn to Sew series.  If you are interested in the Learn to Sew series, it begins on January 7th.
Sewing 101


Now that we have a useful dictionary to refer to, we should probably get to know our sewing machines.  Sarah from Dwell on Joy created a wonderful Sewing Machine 101.  This guide is very useful, full of photos and explanations.  At the very end of the post she shares easy step by step sewing projects she created.  What’s really encouraging is that she was a beginner just like us when she created these posts.
Sewing 101


We now know our sewing machines better, now it’s time to thread them.  SCARY!!!  However, I found a great website called How To Sew and they share a video on how to thread your machine. YAY!  You might want to surf around their website, there’s lots of resources available to you.
Sewing 101


Our sewing machines are threaded, now we need some tools to create some beautiful projects.  Pickup Some Creativity put together a Sewing 101 – Supply Must Haves.  They also have a GREAT Sewing 101 section, you should check it out.
Sewing 101


One of the tools that I’m nervous about using is the Rotary Cutter.  I actually already have one along with a self-healing cutting mat.  The Purl Bee has a complete Rotary Cutting Tutorial section.  It’s quite amazing.
Sewing 101


We have our tools, we know how to use our rotary cutter… now we need some fabric.  A great place to get fabric is from Fabricworm.  Not only is the selection GREAT, the staff is AMAZINGLY helpful.  You’ll want to check our their blog and their Facebook page, they often have sales worth checking out.
Sewing 101


Before we start to sew our new fabric, we might want to pre-wash it before we start.  Make It & Love It shows you how to pre-wash your fabric.  Make It & Love It is JAMMED PACKED full of helpful Sewing Tips.  I’m going to reference 3 more of their tutorials, but there’s a BUNCH more on their site.
Sewing 101


Fabric is washed now perhaps we’ll need some interfacing for our project.  What is interfacing?  Good question.  Our friends at Make It & Love It explain what it is, which we need and why we need it.
Sewing 101


It’s sewing time!!  But what stitch?  Make It & Love It share basic stitches.
Sewing 101


You’ll probably need a zipper… thanks Make It & Love It for the great Installing a Basic Zipper tutorial!
Sewing 101


Craft Snob has a great Sewing 101 series.  There’s 4 parts to it: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.
Sewing 101


Now that we know all the basics, we need patterns to start sewing.  A great place to start is at The Sewing Loft.  Heather has a great blog where she shares lots of tutorials.  She also has a shop where you can purchase patterns.
Sewing 101


Want more patterns?  How about stopping in a Noodlehead?  She’s AMAZING!!  And offers soooo many FREE Sewing Tutorials.  I’m dying to try them.  Really worth checking out!
Sewing 101


I hope you enjoyed this Sewing 101 Guide for Beginners (like me).
I very much LOVED putting it together.
Do you have some sewing sites to recommend to me?


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    Bookmarked this page. I’m going to attempt sewing drapes for my kid’s basement playroom…haven’t touched a machine since middle school–yikes. Thanks so much for putting this list together!

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    Christine! HUGE hugs to you! It’s quite an honor to be included in this post! It was a labor of love, and every so often, I get a comment from someone who learned from my very own tutorial – makes my day!!! Thanks for spreading the word and also for all of the other useful information in this post for a still-beginner like me! Pinned!

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    Vising from Classy clutter…what a great round-up of links you have! I’ve been sewing for years (and actually have my own small sewing business) but I’ll be pinning this for later. I am sure there are things I still need to learn or brush up on! Thanks!

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    What an awesome list of resources! I’m a total beginner at sewing, all I can do is replace a button or stitch a small hole. I’ve been wanting to learn more about sewing, though, so I’m definitely going to pin this!

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    Found your blog from the Keep Calm and Link Up party, and as a brand new baby-sewer I LOVED this post! I’m starting the Learn to Sew Series with Crazy Little Projects and look forward to checking out all these other resources as well. Thanks for compiling so many great resources in one place!

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    The dictionary is so great. I have mostly taught myself from online tutorials from blogs and have even blogged about sewing myself but this helps! I will be referring back to this post quite often

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    I have been a sewer since I was very young. I am always happy to see someone else “get the bug”. Can’t wait to see your sewing projects! Please come check me out and hopefully I may be able to inspire you :)

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    Love this sewing section! Stumbled across your blog through the Frugal Crafty Blog Hop and wandered on to this page because I’ve been re-learning how to sew. Thanks for gathering all of these great beginner’s resources!