Hobbit Home {Le Troglo}

Hobbit Home {Le Troglo} ~ Back in January I mentioned that my husband gave me a very original Christmas gift; 3 nights in a hobbit home called Le Troglo. We were lucky enough to be able to book it for last week. The wait for this home is CRAZY! It’s booked every weekend until October 2014! Luckily for us we were able to find a three night slot during the week (we called to make reservations the first week of January).


Hobbit Home {Le Troglo}

Le Troglo and all the homes on the site are Eco homes. There’s no electricity or running water. It was really great to disconnect. However, disconnecting does take a little adapting.

Here are a few (I mean a BUNCH) of photos from our stay at Le Troglo last week.


The road sign indicating where the Troglo is situated.

This wooden path is actually the drive way to the Troglo.

We parked in the back of the Troglo and this is the view of what we saw as we walked up to it.
Hobbit Hobbit HobbitLe-Troglo

These are photos of the inside of the Hobbit House. Everything is in one room except the dry toilet.
A dry toilet is a composting toilet.
Troglo (4) Troglo (2) Troglo (1) Troglo

The inside was just gorgeous! It was perhaps a tad small, I would have liked just a little more space for a little couch or something. It gets kinda rough on the body sitting in the wooden chairs, especially to read a book.  Gabrielle found a perfect spot to relax and read though:
HobbitHobbitHobbitHobbitReading The Hobbit

We went for a lot of walks during our stay. It was nice to be among nature and its beauty.
Heart Bark Hobbit

Of course I have to show you a few photos of the candlelit ambiance of the Hobbit Home.
I love this photo of my little family playing Monopoly.Monopoly

Here’s one last photo of Le Troglo.

Have you ever stayed in a magical place like that? Or stayed somewhere with no electricity? I must say that we all came back much rested and we all enjoyed uninterrupted family time together.

Have a FABULOUS day!



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    Oh, my goodness!!! I want to go there!! Where is this located? The website is in French…!! I’m sure you had an amazing time…thanks for sharing!


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    Amazing dear Christine!!!! As I said back in January this IS the most awesome gift – that’s so cute and fantastic at the same time! Lovely photos of you and your family and so wonderful way to go unplugged :-) I have really looked forward to theese photos, so thank you so much for sharing, I’m definitely not dissapointed, that Hobbit house is wonderful. Have a beautiful week, hugs from Mette

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    My daughter told me yesterday that if I built her a hobbit house in the back yard that she’d actually spend more time outside. She’s 17…
    I can guarantee she would absolutely flip over this house! However, I must ask… dry toilet?? Doesn’t sound appealing!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

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    It’s so adorable! About the size of my house too, lol! The neat thing about being in a small home, (& the only good thing about living in one!) is that you really stay cozy with your family. When we build, I’m keeping a smallish floor plan because I don’t want to spread out all over the place & not see each other :)

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    Hi, Christine, We were without electricity here in Connecticut last Fall and I don’t like it. However, that is one cool place to stay!! Unique experience for sure. So glad you shared this, too! Linda

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    What a neat house! Looks like you had a fabulous getaway Christine! At first I thought this looked like so much fun for our family and then you mentioned no electricity, running water, and a dry toilet…I just don’t think we could hack it, LOL! But I do see why this is a desirable destination for many. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pics!