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Drink More Water – Health Goals

Drink more water printable guide to help keep track of how much water you drink in a week.

8 glass of water a day black and white printable.

When the New Year starts do you make resolutions for the new year?

Honestly, I don’t usually make resolutions, however this year we decided to do it and we did it as a family. We sat together on New Year’s Day and discussed if we would make resolutions this year.

Gabrielle had a great idea about each of us saying a word that we would like to live by for 2015. We each said different words; Sébastien said FIT, I said HEALTHY, Emanuelle said FUNNY (hehe), and Gabrielle said HAPPY.

Gabrielle’s word ”HAPPY” is the one we all agreed was the best word. Isn’t it a great word?! Who wouldn’t want to be HAPPY for an entire year?! It literally sums up all the words we had said.

Being fit and healthy makes you and your body HAPPY. And being funny makes your soul HAPPY! :)

Sébastien has been exercising every day! Very proud of him. He loves to jog, but it’s too cold out to do that, so he’s been using the elliptical, doing exercises, and yoga in the basement.

Gabrielle has been working on being happy, which I couldn’t be happier about (haha). Am I the only one who has a 9 year old with mood swings? And little Miss Emanuelle is just naturally funny… so as long as she can joke around, she’s happy. :)

As for me, I’m working on being healthy. As many of you know I’ve been trying to make healthier choices for my family since August. Having a healthy family is very important to me.

One healthy aspect that I’m really working hard on achieving is drinking more water. I wish I could say that I drink a lot of water, but I don’t. I usually drink 3 glasses a day, HOWEVER that’s going to change!

I’m determined to drink 8 glasses of water a day and encouraging my family to join along with me. I read this article on staying hydrated and it really inspired me to make a huge effort to drink more water.  It inspired me so much that I even made printables!

8 Glasses of Water a Day – Free Printable

Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day. Free Printable to help you keep track of the water you drink each day of the week.
Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day. Free Printable to help you keep track of the water you drink each day of the week.

The printable is available in color or black and white.

Make sure to set your printer settings to landscape when printing. You could also place the printable in a frame and use a dry erase marker to circle or X out the water you drank on the glass of the frame. :)

You can download these free printables here:
8 Glasses of Water a Day
8 Glasses of Water a Day – Black and White

What are your goals for 2015? Any health related goals?

I’d also LOVE to know if you are a water drinker or are you like me and you need to work on it?

Orange Naturals has many supplements that can help your entire family reach their health goals for 2015 like stress management, sleep support, and more. They even have optimal health starter kits for adults and for kids.
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Have a FABULOUSLY HAPPY day and year!

P.S. If you like the printable, please feel free to PIN IT.


Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Monday 2nd of February 2015

I love these two printables. I too have taken an oath with myself, set a goal this year, to drink lots more water; however, as the day goes by, I always forget how many times I have filled up my cup. Therefore, I never know how much water I have truly drank that day. These fun printables will take the guessing away and help me ensure I have downed all my water for the day! Thank you for sharing! PINNED!


Sunday 1st of February 2015

Love this! I so need this. Thank you.

Little Miss Kate

Saturday 31st of January 2015

I am nursing right now, and I need to make sure that I get my 8 glasses of water a day or I can tell that my milk supply goes down. It can be hard to remember, but having a water bottle with me all day really makes it easier.

sheree @ Seaweed & Raine

Saturday 31st of January 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been wanting to make a chart for my little boys to help them get into the healthy practice of drinking more water. You just save me a whole heap of time. I've just printed their charts off. :) Sheree

Bonnie Way

Saturday 31st of January 2015

This is something I've been working on too! I bought myself a 1-litre water bottle and try to drink it twice (or three times) each day. It goes with me everywhere too, so that when I'm out running errands or shopping, it's in the truck and I have no excuse for not drinking enough. :) The printables are a great idea too... maybe I should print some for my girls. I don't think THEY drink enough either. :)

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