Chain and Bead Earrings Tutorial

Chain and Bead Earrings Tutorial ~ A while back my friend Stephanie from Life Created made the most GORGEOUS chain and bead wrap bracelet ever. I loved the bracelet so much that I used her tutorial to create my very own. I even made some for my sisters and my Mom. Everyone in my family love to wear their bracelet, so when it was my sister Emily’s birthday.. I decided to make her some earrings to match the bracelet.

Chain Bead Earrings Tutorial

Aren’t the earrings pretty? Honestly, I can’t wait to make some for myself! I think they look PERFECT with the wrap bracelet. Here’s the wrap bracelet:

Wrap Chain Bead Bracelet

Chain and Bead Earrings Tutorial

- Earring Hooks
- Chain
- Metal Head Pins
- Beads
- Wire Cutter
- Round Nose Pliers

Step 1: Cut two pieces of chain the length you would like them with the help of wire cutters. (You can even make it fun and make them two different lengths). Step 2: Use round nose pliers to open the loop at the bottom of the earring hooks. Hook them onto a chain and close the loop. Step 3: Cut down the metal head pins to the size you would like them. I only put three beads on mine, so I cut it down quite a bit. (Remember to leave space to make a loop). Step 4: Place beads onto the metal head pins and loop them slightly closed. (Don’t close them completely.) Step 5: Hook on the metal head pins with the beads onto the bottom of the chains. Use round nose pliers to close the loop.

Chain Bead Earrings Tutorial

And voilà, you have gorgeous very feminine earrings.

Chain Bead Earrings Tutorial

Look how great they look with the wrap chain and bead bracelet:

Chain Bead Bracelet Earrings

And, what do you think? Pretty classy right? I just LOVE them!

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Have a BEAUTIFUL day my friends!


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32 thoughts on “Chain and Bead Earrings Tutorial

  1. These are lovely! So simple and elegant. Ive never really tried to make any jewlery. I have lots of jewlery making stuff I got from my Father in law that passed away and do not have a clue how to make anything. I may have to play around with your tutorial and make me something. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, so precious jewellery! Love the simple but dashing look, you’re so cool, both of you. Of you spoiled your loved ones with these pretties. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial, I’m a big fan of your bracelet!

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