Crate on Wheels {DIY Toy Storage Tutorial}

Crate on Wheels – DIY Toy Storage Tutorial with Ingrid from Now At Home Mom ~ Hello “The DIY dreamer” readers! My name is Ingrid.  I blog at Now At Home Mom where I write about DIY projects, crafts, delicious dessert recipes and sometimes about my little 2 year old boy Nate. I would love to thank Christine for having me today! I have an easy and fun DIY project to share with you; using crates and paint to create a fun toy storage solution for my son.

Crate on Wheels

Crate on Wheels {DIY Toy Storage Tutorial}

Materials needed :

  • 1 small bottle of blue acrylic paint
  • 4 small bottles of white acrylic paint
  • Rust-Oleum chalk board spray black paint
  • 2 crates, I got them from Michael’s arts and crafts store
  • 8 wheels
  • 2 miniature canvas stands, I got them from the dollar store at $2 each (or any wood frame)

Instructions :
I started by applying the acrylic paint with a medium size paint brush directly on the wood. No sanding was necessary for this project because I was working with untreated wood.

DIY Tutorial Toy Storage

I outlined a rectangle using painter’s tape and spray painted it using Rust-Oleum chalk board spray black paint.
I waited three hours before removing the painter’s tape to ensure a perfect rectangle.
I had previously bought mini canvases for future projects, and I felt that the wood from the canvas stands would make the perfect frame for my chalkboard rectangle.
I measured the outline of the chalkboard rectangle and used my miter saw box to cut the pieces as per the measurements to create the frame.
I painted the small wood pieces in white to blend in with the rest of the crates.
I framed the chalkboard rectangle by gluing the pieces of the miniature canvas stand.
Here is the difference of appearance between the two crates, where one has had the frame completed and the other one has only the chalkboard paint. As you can see, the frame adds a layer of texture and charm.
I decided to add wheels to each crate, so that my son Nate, could move them around at his leisure without damaging the floors. We bought the smallest size available for the wheels, however the spacing of the screw holes were bigger than the wood of the side of the crate. I was only able to put 2 out of 4 screws per wheel.
I was going to leave the inside of the crates untouched but decided to give them a coat of white paint too.
Not all my ideas turn out the way I envision them, the blue acrylic paint I chose
stood out too much against the white, so I decided to soften the blue by
washing out the color with a mix of white acrylic paint and water.
I then sand it. I loved how it looked, so I decided to sand the entire crate to give it a distress look.
Voila, these simple crates are now transformed. Since, I made this for my son, he has played with them and moved them from room to room.
As I am writing this post, I can see them in our main living room and they still look great.
Toys and Book Crates
See, told you this was an easy and fun project to do, you can get creative with different colors that could work well with your kid’s play room décor.
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I would love it if you would stop by and visit me at my blog Now At Home Mom anytime!
Thanks again Christine for inviting me and letting me share with your readers
Wish everyone a great day!


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    SUPER CUTE!! My nieces just moved in. SO going from no kids to 2 I need all the help I can get, and these are awesome! Found You through See vanessa craft. New Bloglovin Follower Here!

  2. Nance in Reno says

    Hi, I know that Jouet is the French word for “toy,” but what is “livre”? I didn’t remember that word from high school (yikes, almost 40 years ago!)French, so I looked it up and it is described as an obsolete French currency.

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    Ingrid, wow! Congrats on your first guest post!! And your rolling storage crates are amazing!! I can just see him pushing it around….or a couple kids racing them! Very awesome!

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    The crates look so cute Ingrid! I love the chalkboard labels!, I wonder if it would also work to use an old empty picture frame… Do you think? I have some of those lying around… I love the labels in French too… Our older son is in French Immersion and it is so cute to hear him start speaking to us in French now!

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    I just came across your site on I heart nap time. These turned out really great. Thank you for the thorough tutorial. I’m going to give this project a shot! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Ingrid – This looks like a lot of work, but totally worth it for easy and convenient storage for kids… and you could do this for anything! Hugs, Holly

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    Adorable! Love this! I just found your blog via ABFOL. I am just starting a new link-up party and I’d love for you to share your projects!

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    I love these Christine! So cute and functional! Thanks so much for sharing at the Inspiration Exchange – we’ll be featuring these tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Canada Day last weekend!
    Jenn :)

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    I have been wanting to add some crates with wheels to my pantry but cant’ seem to find some that I can DIY myself. I may have squealed a little when you said you got yours at Michal’s. Yay! Now I know where I’m going. Yours turned out great!:)