GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure #GMCHTA – Day 4 + Reveal

Now where did I leave off last time? Oh yes, I shared Day 2 and 3 of GMCHTA with you.. are you ready for Day 4?

Serenity Pointe Thrift Store

Day 4 started with a quick breakfast together at the hotel and off we went. Everyone left the hotel before 8:00am because we all needed to stop at a few places before we would meet up at 1:00pm in Atlanta. Jocie and I stopped at a store so that I could pick up shower curtains for the bathroom and then we stopped at a wonderful thrift store called Serenity Pointe. Serenity Pointe was AWESOME!! Everyone found stuff for their rooms and I picked up decor pieces for the music/office room! SWEET


Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Atlanta

We were all late arriving at the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I believe we got there around 2:30pm.. I completely fell IN LOVE with this ReStore!! I was filled with AMAZING pieces, the ambiance was fabulous and the entire store was BEAUTIFUL! Plus, I scored some great pieces for the music room!! YAY!! I picked up a gorgeous leather chair, two decorative pillows, two little rugs (one for the music room and one for the bathroom) and even two decorative birds.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Driving Confidence

Would you believe after driving for the first time on a 4 lane highway, I even drove in Atlanta? Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you.. but for me it is. I NEVER drive on big highways and I NEVER drive in big cities. I always ask my family members drive for me because I get nervous driving on busy streets. The Acadia Denali gave me confidence to drive in places with lots of traffic. The Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for those wonderful features!

Time to get to work

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we brought our luggage to our rooms, went for dinner and came back to the hotel to work! We all worked until early in the morning and only got a few hours of sleep (I didn’t actually sleep though.. I was too excited).


We met at the lobby for 6:00am so that we could arrive at the home for 7:00am. We packed all the vehicles and off we went!

2013 GMC Acadia Denali

The house was sooooo pretty! Loved the brick and all the details!


GMCHTA 2013 Bloggers

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure Bloggers

After all these photos, it was time to get in, check out our rooms and get to work! When we got in the house Liz noticed right away that her room was too small for the boys’ bedroom, so we decided to switch rooms.


I got settled in my new room and got to work. I started by bringing in the furniture I had for the room and placed them in their spots.  Chris brought in the Music Stand that was donated by Rust-Oleum and it was PERFECT for the music room!! Once the big stuff was placed, Lindsey and I installed the curtain rod and the curtains. I assembled the floor lamp and continued to place the decor items in their places. Once everything was in place, I started to work on the vinyl records that I wanted to hang on the walls. I used super duty 3M Scotch® Mounting Squares to hang the records on the wall.

Music - Office Room in the making

When the music – office room was complete, I started to tackle the bathroom. I hung the shelf I had painted and then I placed all the decorative pieces in the room.

Hard at work during GMCHTA

 Curious to see how the rooms turned out?

Music / Office Room

Music Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTA Music Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTAMusic Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTAMusic Room 2 Music Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTA Music Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTA Music Room (Office Space) - #GMCHTA


Bathroom Reveal #GMCHTA

 Here’s a sneak peak at the rooms my fellow partners put together:

Boys’ Bedroom

Boys' Bedroom by Liz LizMarieBlog.comLiz – Liz Marie Blog

Girls’ Bedroom

Girls Room by Carissa GoodNCrazy.comCarissa – Good N Crazy

Mom’s Bedroom – Master Bathroom

Mom's bedroom by Kirsten SimplyGrove.comKirsten – Simply Grove

Kitchen – Dining Room – Laundry Room

Kitchen and Dining Room - Courtney FrenchCountryCottage.blogspot.comCourtney – French Country Cottage

Living Room

Living Room - Jocie – One Project Closer – The Better Half

Everyone did a FABULOUS job right? We had so much fun putting our rooms together!

Here’s the 2013 crew:

2013 GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure 2013 GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure

And guess what? It’s time to reveal it all to the owner!
She had NO idea that her new home was going to be completely furnished and decorated!


I got to be with them when they saw the music – office room for the first time. What a great feeling it was to see the joy that the room brought them. They loved the touch of purple I incorporated in the room (it’s their favorite color).

As a gift Leetoya sang us a beautiful song. It was so touching!


2013 GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure


A special THANK YOU to Chris, Connie, Kelly, James, Clare and Tim for being so wonderful!
Thank you Brittany, Lindsey, Brooke, Traci and Court for all your help!
And THANK YOU to Jocie, Liz, Carissa, Courtney and Kirsten for being the best road trip buddies ever!

Check out this wonderful video Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl put together:

I sure hope you enjoyed following me along during this AMAZING experience!
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Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share the adventure with you.  However GMC did cover my travel expenses.