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30+ DIY Wall Covering Ideas – Decorative Walls

A collection of DIY wall covering ideas to help inspire you to create an accent wall.

Decorative DIY wall covering ideas.

Are you looking for DIY wall covering ideas?

I have been looking for ideas on decorative walls for three walls in my house: living room, kitchen, and basement

If you have been looking for some DIY inspiration too, you’ll love this collection of decorative walls!

DIY Wall Covering Ideas

Are you ready to be inspired to create your own accent wall?

DIY Wall Covering Ideas

A great collection of DIY wall covering ideas. Includes wood wall coverings, faux brick walls, fabric wallpaper, wall stencils, removable wallpaper, and unique wall coverings. DIY wall coverings for all skill levels.

Wood Wall Coverings

Give a wall a new look with wood. Learn how to plank walls, how to give a wall texture with wood, and more.

Faux Brick Walls

Learn how to give a wall beautiful texture with faux brick and plaster.

Fabric Wallpaper

Did you know you can use fabric as wallpaper? Fabric wallpaper is a great way to showcase your favorite fabric.

Stenciled Walls

Add a touch of color and unique design to your walls with stencils.


Wallpaper is a great way to cover a wall. You can also purchase peel and stick wall paper which makes the process easier.

Unique Wall Coverings

Burlap, rope, coffee beans sacks, and wall art can also be used as DIY wall coverings.

DIY wall covering ideas.

So many beautiful decorative walls, right?

Do you have a favorite? I don’t think I can pick just one favorite!

I’m thinking of perhaps going with removable wallpaper in my living room, a plank wall for my kitchen, and a geometric accent wall for my basement.

If you want ideas of things you can hang on your wall, you may like these upcycled wall art projects and creative wall ideas.

Have a wonderful day!


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