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DIY Scarves – How to embellish scarves

I really enjoy sitting down in the afternoon and going through magazines. Yesterday as I was reading the November issue of Martha Stewart Living, I came across a really neat article: Speedy Scarves Makeovers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these ideas as much as I did!

Martha Stewart Living - November 2013

DIY Scarves – How to embellish scarves

This is the photo that drew me in:
DIY Scarves - How to embellish scarves

Aren’t the scarves beautiful? At first I thought they were made like that, until I read the title of the article.
I was so excited when it was in fact a tutorial on how to embellish them ourselves. I was so excited! With supplies like craft paint, glitter, ribbon, thread, etc… you can easily update a scarf to give it a new look.


This scarf was transformed with sequin trim! So pretty!
DIY Scarf Makeover - Sequin


Do you have ribbon laying around somewhere? Just stitch it onto a scarf for a fun look.
DIY Scarf Makeover - Ribbon


With the help of a foam pouncer, give your scarf a polka dot look with craft paint.DIY Scarf Makeover - Paint


Sew on some fabric onto your scarf to give a two-tone look!DIY Scarf Makeover with fabric


Use glitter and fabric-to-fabric découpage finish to add some shimmer to your scarf! Love the sparkly look!DIY Scarf Makeover - GlitterPhotos by Burcu Avsar. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013.
For more craft ideas, check out

 Aren’t these ideas great? I don’t own very my scarves, but these ideas have inspired me… so I’m going to go buy a couple and embellish them. I think they would make FABULOUS gifts for the Holidays, don’t you agree? Of course I’ll make one for myself too!

Have a fabulous day!!



Sunday 5th of January 2014

Simple ideas that make a huge difference! I have been enjoying my long scarfs (or a yard of fabric) into infinity scarves. I am excited to try some of these ideas!


Tuesday 10th of December 2013

Christine, can you let us know when you make one of the scarves and how it turns out? I would like to make the glitter one for gifts but I don't know how difficult the process will be.

Kristi Marsh

Monday 25th of November 2013

I LOVE THESE!!!! And better yet, I have a ridiculous amount of scarves I never wear I can make new to me again! I definitely going to have to do this! Thanks!


Thursday 14th of November 2013

Love the polka dots, great ideas!! xo

Kat at Mommy Kat and Kids

Wednesday 13th of November 2013

These are so cute! I love the sequin idea; so pretty!

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