DIY Wrapping Paper – Created easily with a printer

Don’t you hate it when you are wrapping last minute gifts and realize you don’t have any wrapping paper left? Or you just can’t find the perfect gift wrap for a special gift? Well, you are in luck.. I have an EASY and quick solution for you! Use a printer to create beautiful custom gift wrap.

DIY Wrapping Paper - created easily with a printer

Back in October I got a HP Photosmart 7520 printer which can print, copy, scan and fax. I knew it would be the perfect tool to create wrapping paper. To create this gorgeous cedar wrapping paper I placed cedar branches on the printer’s glass scanning bed.

Copy Cedar Branches to make wrapping paper

Once I had the branches placed the way I wanted, I loaded up the paper tray with regular bright white printer paper. I selected the copy option on the printer. When I clicked copy, there was an option where I could select the quality. I selected the ”Best” quality.

Use a printer to create wrapping paper

And out came the beautiful cedar wrapping paper!
Cedar DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY Wrapping Paper

Beautiful Cedar DIY Wrapping Paper

How do you like the way it turned out? Gabrielle was with me when I made the wrapping paper and she was so excited about it. She even made some herself too! She placed a bunch of buttons on the glass scanning bed and copied those to make gift wrap. Imagine all the wrapping paper possibilities that can be created with this technique! It’s really as simple as placing what you want on the printer’s glass scanning bed and pressing copy!

I can’t wait to make more! Do you have ideas of  something else I could copy into gift wrap?

I hope you are having a BEAUTIFUL day!


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  1. Johanne says

    The cutest idea ever!!
    If you have a photo of the person you are giving a gift to, you can also arrange it with the cedar sprigs. Saves tags.

  2. says

    Absoluteæy STUNNING and GENIUS Christine! I love you for sharing this, it’s such a fun project – I would try leaves, maybe different kinds of fabric scraps or ribbon. I LOVE IT and you;-) enjoy the weekend!

  3. Betty819 says

    Wow! Who would have thought one could do that with greenery from the yard? How creative and it looks so real, you almost want to touch it, feel it to see if it is alive. Thanks for sharing this with us. There is so much creativity and inspiration on Pinterest. I could sit her for hours and never get bored. It beats any therapy! Now if I could go to a bow tying workshop, I’d be all set.

  4. says

    Eek…Christine, I was SO excited when I saw you linked up to the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop! I love all of your posts but this was my favorite. I will be featuring your DIY Wrapping Paper on Sunday night @ 8 pm C. Thanks so much for sharing. You are an awesome blogger/crafter! Merry Christmas!