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How to Paint a Chair

How to Paint a Chair ~ Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post on how to reupholster a chair seat, my aunt gave me an old chair that really needed some work. The chair had so much potential but was left unloved for years.  We decided to give it a fresh new look, perfect to go in Gabrielle’s Purple room (someday).

how to paint

Before I start the tutorial, I thought I would talk about Gabrielle’s Purple bedroom. She’s been asking us to redo her bedroom for over a year. I honestly don’t blame her, she’s almost 8 and her bedroom still has some of the decor from her baby room. It’s bright orange and has jungle themed curtains. The entire room needs some attention, including new windows and some of the walls need to be fixed. Lots of work ahead. However, we have told her that we will not start renovating her bedroom until she can keep it clean and organized. Seriously, her room is a disaster! She can’t seem to keep it clean!

Even though we haven’t started her bedroom, we have been keeping furniture for her new room. Last summer we found a cute work desk on the side of the road. We picked it up right away and we can’t wait to give it an update. We even have accessories to decorate the bedroom. Have you done this before.. save pieces for a future renovation?

How to Paint a Chair

– Wooden Chair
– Sand paper
– Palm Sander
– Dremel Tool (optional)
– Paint Brush
– Paint Primer
– Paint (I used Behr Premium Plus Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel. Color: Grape Jamboree)

Step 1: Sand the chair using a palm sander and a Dremel tool, enough so that the paint will stick.  (We had to sand it down to bare wood because of all the different layers of gunk on it.)
How to Sand a Chair

Step 2: Apply a coat or two of Paint Primer. We used an All-in-One Primer-Sealer, Undercoater and Stain Killer. As you can see in the photo, Emanuelle wanted to help out too. A great way to have your children join in on the painting, is to take out a small brush for them to use. They are painting and yet not causing any damage to your project.
How to Paint a Chair

Step 3: Apply one coat of paint on the chair. Step 4: Wait 24 hours for the paint to completely dry and give it a light sanding before applying a second coat. The light sanding between the paint coats is very important, otherwise your high-gloss paint won’t stick very well. (We applied three coats of paint)
How to Paint

Now that the chair is painted with a new fresh color, reupholster the chair seat to give it a drastic new look.
How to Paint a Chair -

Not too bad right? Gabrielle has completely fallen head over heels with her new purple chair! Now to see if it’s enough to get her to keep her room clean so that we can give her a new bedroom!

Hope you are having a FABULOUS day!


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Monday 11th of August 2014

Love the changes you made in the chair. I have a question though, I have a table that I am wanting to sand and paint but some of the nooks and crannies are hard to get into. Do you have any advice? I have an electric sander but it doesn't fit onto the shelf bc the space isn't big enough. Any advice would be appreciated!

Robin All Things Heart and Home

Thursday 22nd of May 2014

What a happy happy chair! It went from just-a-chair to a statement piece! I love it and love your painting tips! xo


Saturday 3rd of May 2014

So pretty! I love the color and the fabric you chose for the seat.


Wednesday 26th of February 2014

The transformation of this old chair is unbelievable!!!!The paint and the seat fabric look great!--Is the seat fabric specifically for upholstering?--makes me want to go out to Salvation Army right now to see if they have an old chair.:)

Melinda @ Love Melinda

Friday 24th of January 2014

I absolutely love that purple! I want a purple chair!

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