Wall Mounted Advent Calendar!!!

I’ve been buying chocolate advent calendars for years, however I never display them because they are tacky.  We usually hide them on top of the fridge and take them down each morning for the girls to open their special doors and then we place the calendars back in their hiding spot.  However, this year we decided to put and end to the chocolate advent calendars, instead… we created our very own Advent Calendar.  Oh and not just an advent calendar but a huge 4 feet wall mounted advent calendar.

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar - Tutorial

UPDATE – We painted our kitchen and our Rustic Wall Mounted Advent Calendar looks so good!
Rustic Advent Calendar. Wall Mounted Advent Calendar perfect for a Rustic Christmas.

It’s really GORGEOUS!!  I wish I would have been able to take jaw dropping pictures, but there’s absolutely no sun today… just a grey snowy day.  Trust me, it’s a lot nicer than it seems in the pictures.  I’m in AWWW every time I go in the kitchen and I see it mounted on the wall.

Gabrielle, Emanuelle and I started off by stencilling numbers onto 24 muslin bags.

Advent Bags

24 Muslin Treat Bags
Red & Green Paint
Foam Brush
Wax Paper

Step 1: Cut little pieces of wax paper to insert in each of the muslin bags (this is to prevent paint soaking through to the other side of the bag).  Step 2: Place your stencil on your bags and use a foam brush to paint on the appropriate numbers.

And voilà, you have yourself some advent bags to put in little treats.

After the advent treat bags were finished, Sébastien and I started working on the advent calendar.  The advent calendar is a very easy and quick project… which I LOVE!!  Oh and Thank You to my Dad for coming over Tuesday after work to help me glue and attach the pieces.  :)

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

Wood (check cut list below)
25 Antique Nails (or rusty nails)
Wood Glue
Star of your choice
Felt Pads (what you put under chair legs)
Wine Corks (2)
Hanging Kit from hardware store
Christmas Ornament

Wood cut list:
1x: 48” long by 2.5” wide
1x: 32” long by 2.5” wide
1x: 28” long by 2.5” wide
1x: 24” long by 2.5” wide
1x: 20” long by 2.5” wide
1x: 16” long by 2.5” wide

Step 1: Cut all your pieces of wood.  Step 2: Hammer in your antique nails onto the 5 shortest pieces of wood. Make sure you leave them sticking out so you can hang your bags. Step 3: Glue and nail each piece onto the 48” long piece of wood.  Make sure you place them all centred and 5.5” apart and that you go from shortest to longest.  Step 4: Read  the instructions of your hanging kit and place the appropriate piece onto your advent calendar and the other piece onto the wall.  Step 5: Turn over your advent calendar and place felt pads onto the back  (to protect your wall from scratches).  Step 6: Glue two wine corks onto the back of the 32” piece of wood (this is to prevent the advent calendar from swaying side to side).  Step 7: Attach your star onto your advent calendar.  Step 8: Hang it up onto the wall.  Step 9: Hang your advent treat bags and place your Christmas ornament onto the last nail.

And, what do you think of it??

 Wall Mounted Advent Calendar Tutorial

Rustic Advent Calendar. Wall Mounted Advent Calendar perfect for a Rustic Christmas.

The girls are IN LOVE and they can’t wait to see what is in each bag!!
And I’m soooo PROUD OF IT!!!  It’s going to be something we’ll get to keep forever!!

Have a FABULOUS day!!

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  1. Jen says

    LOVE IT! I have always wanted to make my own. My kids are allergic to nuts and you can never find one of those chocolate ones in the store that doesn’t contain them or isn’t made on the same equipment :(. Yours is so cute!! I can’t wait to do my own version!

  2. I Play Outside The Box says

    This is…without a doubt….my favorite Advent Calendar I’ve come across. Been looking for ideas for a long time…and this is the one I will make. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    YEA Christine! I’m so glad you linked this project up! It always makes me smile when I see it! Thanks for sharing at the homemade holiday party.


  4. says

    This is awesome!! I always love a good advent calendar! Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. I will be featuring this on my Facebook page and pinning. Happy Holidays!!
    Jenn :)

  5. says

    I really love this! I had to do away with my Advent Calendar plans for this year because I was just too frazzled by November 29th trying to put it all together. I’m going to have to pin this so I can make one in like July when I’m trying to find something to do. Great job!

  6. says

    Hey Christine! What a great idea!!! I love it.

    Thanks for linking up last week at the Humble Brag. You were featured, so be sure to stop by and grab a button!

    Hope you’ll come back tomorrow to link up. Also the Silhouette Cameo giveaway ends this weekend!