12+ Christmas Ideas – DIY Rustic Christmas and more!

12+ Christmas Ideas. A great collection of Rustic Christmas Ideas and more!

12+ Christmas Ideas that you can make! ~ Have you looked at the calendar? We are only days away from Xmas! I can’t believe it’s almost here already! I honestly wish that the holiday season would last longer, I love everything leading up to the holidays. Don’t you? In case you are looking for Christmas Projects to make this weekend, I’ve put together a list of projects I have made. I’m sure you’ll find some that you’ll like, well.. I hope so anyways. :) 12+ Christmas Ideas – DIY Rustic Christmas and more!   Wood Slice Deer Ornaments   Rudolph … {continue reading}

Tips for Minimizing Stress this Holiday Season – #ONatural

Remember what's important this holiday season: Family! Tips on how to manage Holiday Stress!

What’s your favorite part about the Holidays? Mine is no doubt spending time with my family. In second place, would be all the delicious food! hehe How about your least favorite thing? Mine is stress. I bet it’s your least favorite too! Is there anything more annoying than stress!? Seriously, we work so hard to make sure the holidays are fabulous for our entire family and we are rewarded with stress. Not cool! My holiday stress is a little different from most. I know many people end up getting sick because of it. I don’t exactly get sick, but every … {continue reading}

Share Inspiring Projects – Merry Christmas! FDTR #148

From Dream To Reality

Oh my gosh!! Christmas is next week!! Thankfully I’m pretty much ready, which is GREAT news! I’m quite happy that I wrapped everything too. I often wait last minute to wrap, which is not a good idea… it’s very much of an unnecessary stress, isn’t it?! Are you ready? Have your wrapped everything? FYI Since Christmas is next week and New Year’s is the following week, From Dream To Reality will run now until then. A new From Dream To Reality will go LIVE January 6th! Ready to browse through the features from last week’s party?   Share Inspiring Projects – From … {continue reading}

Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls that Play Together

Hasbro Toys for Girls

Sébastien and I like to encourage our girls to play together. Even though they are almost 4 years apart, we’ve been quite successful in getting them to play together. Not only do they play together, they actually like to play together (most of the time). My heart is filled with joy each time I see them together, enjoying having fun together. Bliss! One of the ways we have found helped to get them to play together is by offering them toys and games that they can play together. Gabrielle and Emanuelle have quite different characters. Gabrielle is more the creative … {continue reading}

Share your Inspiring Projects – FDTR #147

From Dream To Reality

Christmas break starts in 10 days!! YAY!! I can’t wait to have my kids home with me for two full weeks! Are you taking extra days off during the Holidays? What are you looking forward to the most? I must say my favorite part is staying up late with the kids and Sébastien all cuddled up on the couch watching Christmas movies. Bliss! The girls have been asking to feed Santa’s Reindeer for the last couple of years. As you know it’s quite hard to do if Santa parks his sleigh on the roof. I solved that problem by making … {continue reading}

Reindeer Parking Sign – Outdoor Christmas Decoration


Every year Gabrielle and Emanuelle ask me where do Santa’s reindeer park when they get to our house because they want to leave food for them. I explain to them that they park on our roof like they do when they get to other homes. Of course they can’t leave them food on the roof. This year I decided it was time to get Santa to park his reindeer somewhere where the girls can leave the reindeer food. What better way to tell them where to park than with a parking sign, right? The girls were so excited when I … {continue reading}

Share your Inspiring Creations – FDTR #146

From Dream To Reality

Hey!! I know most of you celebrated Thanksgiving last week (Thanksgiving in Canada was in October), how was it? Did you enjoy family time and eat a bunch? What I would do have some Turkey right now! I’ll have to wait until Christmas, poor me! hehe :) Did you go shopping for Black Friday? Black Friday just started sorta being a thing here in Canada within the last couple of years. However, it’s not a crazy shopping day that I hear it can be in the US. If you’re into the whole Black Friday thing, did you see the AMAZING … {continue reading}

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels – #ONatural

Orange Naturals -How to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

As many of you know November is World Diabetes Month, however did you know that about 30 million people in North America are living with Diabetes? That’s a crazy high number, right?! I had no idea either. Making a few changes to our lifestyle and nutrition choices to help balance blood sugar levels and may help reduce our risk of developing diabetes. A few members of my little family have a sweet tooth. Ok, not a few, all for of us do! So I guess you can say we are a Sweet Tooth Family. We don’t always indulge in our sweets cravings, … {continue reading}

Silhouette Black Friday Sale! Perfect time to get a Silhouette!

Silhouette Black Friday Sales Event

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the Silhouette Black Friday Sales Event!!! YAY!!! Have you been wanting to get a Silhouette CAMEO and/or a Silhouette Portrait?! Well, starting today until Dec. 8, 2014, 11:59pm MST you can get yourself one during the Silhouette Black Friday Sales Event at an amazing discount!! If you already have one, it’s the perfect time to stock up on vinyl and supplies while they are at 40% off. FYI: You MUST use the coupon code DIYDREAMER for the discount to apply! Silhouette Black Friday Sale #1 Portrait Bundle Portrait machine & 1 free year … {continue reading}

Share your Inspiring Creations – FDTR #145

From Dream To Reality

You do realize that every single one of you inspire me every single day, right?! You always create the most inspiring projects! Gosh I wish I could fill my home with everything you make! For real!!! Did you see all the collection of projects your shared last week? Crazy talent!!! I can’t wait to share the features with you! But before I do that…. Remember how I was telling you how I’ve been on a roll creating Christmas crafts this year! Well, guess what?! I made some more super cute ornaments last week that I can’t wait to share with … {continue reading}

Deer Wood Slice Ornaments – Rustic Christmas

Deer Wood Slice Ornaments. Adds a beautiful touch to your Rustic Themed Christmas Decor!

A couple of weeks ago Sébastien, the girls, and I went for a walk on my father-in-law’s land. He has a gorgeous piece of property that’s completely wooded, you can imagine how nice it is to walk in. As soon as we got there Sébastien brought us to the huge pile of firewood (my father-in-law cuts firewood for a living) that he had helped his father cut. When I got right up close to it, I saw pieces that hadn’t been split because they were too small. I asked Sébastien if we could take a couple home so that I … {continue reading}