Treasure Life Moments – Project Life by Stampin’ Up #Giveaway

Stampin Up Project Life - Best Day Ever

I use to scrapbook all the time. However, I didn’t use paper to scrapbook. I was really into digital scrapbooking. I was intimidated by real scrapbooking. I was always worried that I would cut the paper wrong or that I’d have to start all over because I didn’t like where I glued an embellishment. Yes, basically the same insecurities that I have when it comes to sewing. haha Digital scrapbooking was a safe way to scrapbook, I could also click undo if I didn’t like the way I placed something. The main down side with doing it digitally, I rarely … {continue reading}

How to encourage kids to brush their teeth – #SonicareSmile

Philips Sonicare toothbrush for Kids #SonicareSmile

For kids, brushing their teeth is not an activity that comes naturally. You have to keep reminding them every single day even if you explain to them the importance of this habit. It’s a boring moment that often, they choose to forget. Find a trigger for their teeth brushing time We have two specific moments in a day that we use as triggers to help remind our kids to brush their teeth. Those triggers are easier to use during the week, but with a little bit of discipline, they can also be used during the weekend. Our first trigger is … {continue reading}

Share your Beautiful Creations – From Dream To Reality #132

From Dream To Reality

It’s Tuesday! Yay! Are you looking forward to this weekend? I am! It’s a long weekend and we are planning on getting lots of work doing around the house… YAY! Did you see the fabulous Scandinavian style Wall Stencils from StenCilit that I shared last week? If you haven’t, you should! I know you’ll love them as much as I do. StenCilit – Wall Stencils How about we enjoy some yummy cookies and check out the features from last week’s party? Great idea right? Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies   Beautiful Creations – From Dream To Reality Features! From Dream To … {continue reading}

Delicious Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - Yummy Cookies!

We LOVE Chocolate Chip Cookies! I don’t make them too often because we could eat them non-stop until we don’t have any left. I use to always make them with semi-sweet chocolate, until I realize how much we loved them with milk chocolate. YUM! Have you ever made chocolate chip cookies with milk chocolate? I have a great recipe if you want to try it out! Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients: 3/4 cup of butter at room temperature 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 2 eggs at room temperature (You can place them in warm water to … {continue reading}

Traveling to the US – Secret Beach – #TELUS

Parsons Beach - Kennebunk Maine

We recently went on a family vacation to Kennebunkport in Maine. We knew we wanted a beach vacation and we didn’t want to travel too far. Going to Maine was an easy decision. We visited Kennebunkport 12 years ago, before we had kids, and we loved it. It’s about a 5 hour drive, which means we could enjoy the beach on the very first day. We all LOVE the beach! When traveling, you still want to be able to stay connected even if you are on ”vacation”. I think it’s important to have in case of emergencies, check maps, read … {continue reading}

Scandinavian Style Wall Stencils – StenCilit

StenCilit - Scandinavian Style Wall Stencils

Wall Stencils are all the rage! I honestly think it’s something that will continue to be a decor trend for a very long time. It’s a quick and easy way to give rooms around your home a ‘‘wow’’ factor. Plus, wall stencils can be used on other things than just walls. They can easily be used on furniture, carpets, curtains, pillows, fabric, and so much more!     I came across a stencil company that is completely different from others. StenCilit uses Scandinavian Designs to inspire the stencils they create. I seriously adore all of their designs. I actually own … {continue reading}

Share your Beautiful Creations – From Dream To Reality #131

From Dream To Reality

Oh my gosh, did you see all the wonderful link ups during last week’s party? So many beautiful creations! It was a pleasure going through them all! I can’t wait to show you the features, how about I share them with you right now? Fun Creations – From Dream To Reality Features! From Dream To Reality #130   Anthropologie inspired Lace Curtains from Upcycled Treasures.   Gold Duck Tape Necklace from Delineate your Dwelling.   Chicken Wire Cloche from View from the Fridge.   Embossed Serving Utensils from Simply Designing.   Pretty Paintbrush Box from Grow Creative.   Gray and … {continue reading}

30 Days of Beauty with Shoppers Drug Mart – #30DaysofBeauty


It’s that time of the year! It’s Shoppers Drug Mart’s 4th annual 30 Days of Beauty! This is the biggest beauty event of the year which takes place across Canada! 30 Days of Beauty runs from now until September 14th, 2014. It’s the perfect time to try out new beauty looks and get tips and tricks from Shoppers Drug Mart. I took advantage of the 5-minute makeover that they were offering during last year’s event. And I LOVED IT! Guess what? Shoppers Drug Mart offers 5-minute makeovers every day of the year. 30 Days of Beauty is the perfect time … {continue reading}

YES TV all-NEW television station! #YESTV


I’ll admit it, I like watching TV. As in I really really like it. I find it entertaining and a great way to relax. My favourite shows are the ones that I get to watch with my family. I do watch a few shows alone, but most with my family. I’ve been known to keep my kids up way past their bedtimes so that we can sit and cuddle together in front of the TV. Come on, must be you have done this with your kids too? Have you heard of YES TV? It’s an all-NEW television station that will … {continue reading}

Share your Fun Creations – From Dream To Reality #130

From Dream To Reality

It’s party time my friends! Yay! Before we start partying though, just thought I’d let you know that my family and I had a great vacation last week.  We spent a few days in Kennebunkport in Maine and it was fabulous! I’ll tell you all about it in a blog post next week. Since Sébastien is still on vacation,we are taking the opportunity to work on things around the house. We’ve been working on our back porch makeover. We are almost done with the sanding and scraping. YAY! Oh.. want to see a few photos I shared on Instagram last … {continue reading}

A new routine is starting soon – #NaturallyAtHome

Orange Naturals Mom

It’s August and you know what that means… school is starting up soon! I can’t believe that summer vacation is almost over, it feels like it just started. Probably feels like that because we are just starting to get summer-like weather (it’s been a strange summer). I’m not looking forward to back to school… I LOVE having my kids with me at home and I’m not ready to say that my baby is starting school. Ugh… just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. Would you believe that I followed Gabrielle’s bus to school on her first day … {continue reading}