From Dream To Reality #113 – Come share your projects

From Dream To Reality

Easter is this weekend so that means this is the perfect opportunity to share all your Easter projects at From Dream To Reality! What’s your favorite Easter project you created this year? I have a bunch of favorites like these ones: Baking Soda Easter Eggs   Decorative Eggs with Paint and Ribbon   Here’s a great round up of Easter Bunnies! 43 Easter Bunny Ideas Want more Easter Projects? Well you are in luck, I’m featuring 10 Easter Projects that were shared at last week’s party.   {Features from last week’s party} From Dream To Reality #112   Muslin Easter … {continue reading}

Delicious Spaghetti Dish with a Creamy Melt – #MemorableMelts

Spaghetti Dish with Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia - #MemorableMelts

Have you heard about Kraft Canada’s latest new product: Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philadelphia? Kraft Canada Kitchen Experts are constantly at work trying to make mealtime as easy as possible without putting deliciousness aside. The latest addition to the Kraft family won’t disappoint, their shredded cheese with the creaminess of Philadelphia cream cheese creates a melt that won’t be forgotten! It’s available in 3 delightful flavours: Creamy Mozza, Creamy Herb & Garlic, and Creamy Mexicana. We eat spaghetti at least once a week, however my daughters would eat it every night of the week if they could. … {continue reading}

Cool things to know about mobile phones – #TELUS #HTCOne

HTC One - Mobile Phone - #TELUS #HTCOne

As lots of you know, I didn’t own a mobile phone before TELUS kindly sent me one to try out back in September. I’ve learned a lot since September. I’ve learned that you can have access to everything at all times, and that people have access to you at all times. Which means you need to know when you’ve been connected long enough and turn it off… or you’ll get comments like “Mom, can you put the cell phone away please and watch the movie with us.” OUPS!! That’s the only down side, I have found, from having a mobile device. … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #112 – Come share your projects

From Dream To Reality

From Dream To Reality #112 – How was your weekend? We had a busy weekend. My daughters’ dance recital is at the end of the month. Emanuelle had a dance course on Saturday and Sunday they both had a dance rehearsal. We will be having busy weekends up until the recital (courses, rehearsals, photos,…). I’m already looking forward to May! hehe Did you see the new tutorials I shared? I hope you like them, I had a blast putting them together for you.   Decorative Easter Eggs with paint and ribbon   Duck Tape® Mini Instant Photo Frames and Magnets … {continue reading}

Duck Tape® Mini Instant Photo Frames – #TheDuckAtWalmart

Duck Tape® Mini Instant Photo Frames and Magnets - #TheDuckAtWalmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm so excited! I made my very first Duck Tape® creation! I bet everyone who creates something with Duck Tape® gets excited! I'm not sure if it's because of the great collection of Duck Tape® patterns and colors or it's because of how easy it is to create stuff with it?! What do you think? I went to Walmart a few weeks ago, I was in the paint section of the store when I noticed the Duck Tape® section! I was amazed with … {continue reading}

Decorative Eggs with paint and ribbon – 12 Easter Crafts

Decorative Eggs - Easter Eggs

Decorative Easter Eggs ~ Guess what we did this weekend? We decorated more eggs!! We didn’t do much Easter crafts last year, so we are making up for it this year! hehe :) I came across these cute farm eggs and I loved the way they were decorated. I used them as inspiration to create ours. Decorative Easter Eggs Supplies: – Brown eggs (Extra large or jumbo eggs. Don’t forget to empty them.) – Acrylic paint – Decorative ribbon (I got my ribbon from May Arts: Wired String with Mini Raffia Bows in Natural and Sheer Box Pleat Ribbon in … {continue reading}

Projects to do this Spring – From Dream To Reality #111

Projects to do this Spring

Projects to do this Spring ~ Do you have Spring weather yet in your area? We still have a lot of snow here, which makes it hard to believe it’s spring! To keep my morals up that Spring weather will arrive soon, I picked 12 projects from last week’s From Dream To Reality that remind me of Spring! Before we check out the features, thought I would share these little guys I made with my Mom and my daughters. Baking Soda Easter Eggs Ornaments   {Features from last week’s party – Spring Projects} From Dream To Reality #110   Crepe … {continue reading}

Baking Soda Easter Eggs { Easter Ornaments }

Baking Soda Easter Eggs - Easter Crafts

Baking Soda Easter Eggs ~ I’ve been wanting to make salt dough ornaments for a while now and when I looked at the recipes I was kind of disappointed with how long they take to make. Ok, they aren’t long to make, but require many hours in the oven. When you have kids who are excited to make something, waiting 3 hours plus cooling time.. is just too long. I was really excited when I came across a Baking Soda Dough recipe from UrbanBlissLife!! I actually featured her recipe back in December at From Dream To Reality. She had created … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #110 – Share your projects

From Dream To Reality

Hey!! Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great weekend! Would you believe that my baby is now 5! We had Emanuelle’s birthday party on Saturday and she had a blast! I still can’t get over that she’s 5.. that means school in the fall! Oh gosh… how about we change topics before I start crying?! haha Change of topic.. It’s Tuesday… so that means it’s time for you to share your projects on From Dream To Reality! Yay! However, before we start partying, let’s check out the features! {Features from last week’s party} From Dream To Reality #109   Pen Doodle … {continue reading}

From Dream To Reality #109 – Let’s DIY!

From Dream To Reality

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means right? It’s From Dream To Reality time!! Yay! LOVED all the link ups last week, so many inspiring projects! Way to go! How-to DIY Tutorials – Coming soon!  How about we check out the features from last week’s party? Sounds like a great idea right?   {Features from last week’s party} From Dream To Reality #108   Tips and Trick for working with Reclaimed Pallet Wood from The Thinking Closet.   $10 Hallway Runner from For My Love Of.   Ikea Side Table Hack from The Thinking Closet.   The Heineken Man … {continue reading}

How to make these DIY Projects – Tutorials coming soon!

How-to DIY Tutorials coming soon!

You know how sometimes you are just so excited about a project and you just can’t wait to get started? You start working on it right away. Once the project is finished you’re so happy that it’s everything you hoped it would be and more.  You’re so proud of it and can’t wait to show it to everyone?! Well.. I have a few of those projects and a couple of which are on this blog… I was so excited and caught up on working on them, that I did not take step by step photos.. OUPS!! Here are two of … {continue reading}